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Monday 22 July 2019

Male contraceptive gel: UK Starts the First Trials

The male contraceptive gel is about to hit the markets. But before that, the experts are recruiting couples who can test male contraceptive gel. Well, everyone is considering this as a groundbreaking trial that will allow both men and women to take responsibility for birth control in the upcoming future. Eighty men from Manchester and Edinburgh are going to test this male contraceptive gelregularly in their body. Well, the experts are saying that it will “send the testes to sleep”, which signifies the fact that the sperm count of those men will come to zero.

Looking at the failure rates of the condoms, experts are coming up with this male contraceptive gel.
According to studies and observations, there are 17% failure rates of condoms. Well, the formulation of this male contraceptive gel is called NES/T, that consists of the combination of testosterone and a progestin compound called segesterone acetates. They have to apply this to their shoulders and back. The progestin will block the production of the natural testosterone in the testes.

It will cut down the sperm production to a low or non-existent level. But will not hamper the natural sex drive of the man.

It will also not hamper the other functions, which are dependent on the adequate level of the hormones on the blood. Well, the man who is about to test this male contraceptive gelis named James Owers. He stays at the Edinburg.

He said that it looks like a toothpaste tube. He also mentioned that it is effortless to use this cream. You have to take this cream to your hands, and you have to rub it on your shoulder blades as well as on your shoulder. It will dry within 30 seconds, and it doesn’t have any smell in it.

Mr. Ower also added that it is an interesting aspect that it will take six to twelve weeks to lower down your sperm count to zero. And again, it will take six to twelve week to get back the sperm count. Well, it is quite different compared to those pills. If you miss taking the pills within twelve hours, there will raise the possibility of the ovulation of the girl. So, it is not only convenient but safe as well. Women have to go numerous choices regarding this case, but now, it is the time when men must get options as well.

Social media is witnessing some reactions amongst women. Many women are showing frustrations regarding this male contraceptive gel. They are frustrated by the fact that the gel, which is applied to the skin, is a far convenient option than the birth control options that are available to the women, right man.

Also, these pills have numerous side effects like headaches, nausea, as well as breast tenderness. Women also complain about the IUCD proves, which is quite painful.

So, these are the things that you need to know about the upcoming male contraceptive gel. After the coming of this gel, men can also participate in the process of birth control.

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