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Saturday 21 March 2020

Best Vegan Supplements to Use in 2020

Best Vegan Supplements to Use

Best Vegan Supplements to Use!

When it comes to a whole plant diet one wonders whether it provides all the necessary nutrients and vitamins our bodies requires. On the other side of the same coin, there are some who are of the contradicting view point that plants already have all the nutrients and vitamins we require. On top of this there are still others who say that avoiding all supplements on this diet is the best. Of course these proponents are concerned about are well being, but are they really right? In this post we’ll be taking you through some of the best vegan supplements to use. So sit back and relax while break it down for you.

Vitamin B12, Best Vegan Supplement to use on a Vegan Diet:

Yes there are a lot of foods of the vegetable variety that are rich in vitamin B12. Some of them include mushrooms grown in vitamin B12 rich soils, nori, chlorella as well as nutritional yeast. Besides this any unwashed organic produce too contains vitamin B12.

So if you’re getting enough of these veggies in your diet there’s no need of a Vitamin supplement. This is what many non- supplement takers like to believe, by the way. However their is no scientific backing for this logic.

To make things straight science has shown that anyone can have a vitamin B12 deficiency but those on a whole vegetarian or vegan diet is especially prone to such a deficiency. This is even more so if you’re not taking any supplements at all.

So what is Vitamin B12 really needed for? 

  • It is needed for bodily processes
  • Required for protein metabolism
  • Creation of oxygen carrying red blood cells
  • Good health of nervous system

If you lack it what can happen?

  • Anemia
  • Nervous system damage
  • Infertility
  • Bone and heart disease

So you might not want to give this supplement a skip eh?

The daily dosage is 2.4mcg for an adult, 2.6 during pregnancy and 2.8mcg while breastfeeding.

Vitamin D as one of the best Vegan Supplements to take: 

Let’s begin with what it does shall we?

  • Helps in enhancing absorption of calcium and phosphorus
  • Boosts immunity, mood, memory as well as muscle recovery

The daily dosage of Vitamin D is 15mcg for both adults as well as children. However for pregnant, old or lactating women it is 20mcg a day. But recent research shows that the actual requirement may be anywhere above the current standard in meeting all your daily requirements.

This could be a major reason why so many people are found to be vitamin D deficient, be it on a vegan or omnivore diet.

This is one of the best vegan supplements that you can get from being exposed to the sun. Besides this you also get a small amount from the food you consume. By exposing most of your skin to the midday sun for about 15 minutes you can meet all your vitamin needs.

However elderly people, people with darker skin tones and those in northern latitudes do not get enough sun and are consequently vitamin D deficient. Then there’s also the case of adverse UV exposure. This has led to many doctors telling people to avoid the sun.

So in summary, those on any diet be it vegan or otherwise can get their blood tested for any deficiency. If you find your deficient then you can take a daily vitamin D2 or a vegan vitamin D3 supplement.

Long Chain Omega 3s: 

For this omega 3 fatty acid there are again two varieties:

  • Essential omega-3 fatty acids- Alpha linolenic acid or ALA for short is an essential omega fatty acid. You can get this only from your diet.
  • Long chain omega 3 fatty acid- it includes both eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid too. This is not really important or is it? as your body can make these from ALA. 

What is this supplement really required for then?

  • It plays a structural role in both your brains and eyes
  • For brain development
  • Reducing risks of inflammation, depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as well as breast cancer

You can find ALA omega 3 fatty acid in flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, walnuts and soya beans. For things such as EPA and DHA you get these from mostly animal products such as fatty fish and fish oil.

Basically as mentioned above if you have strong ALA levels, it should both take care of EPA as well as DHA. The ALA converts into EPA and DHA. But studies have shown that the conversion of ALA into EPA can be anywhere from 5-10% and for DHA between 2-5%.

When it comes to those on a vegan diet, studies show that they can have 50% lower blood and tissue concentrations of EPA and DHA than those on other diets. In conclusion those on a vegan diet need to take EPA and DHA supplements ASAP.

Iodine as one of the best vegan supplements you need to take: 

Many of you may already know what this supplement is needed for. It is mostly used in healthy thyroid functioning. This is needed for your metabolism.

If a pregnant mother or infant has iodine deficiency then that can result in irreversible intellectual disability. If you happen to be neither of these, then also you still need to concentrate on maintaining healthy levels. If not you can suffer from hypothyroidism.

What does hypothyroidism lead to?

  • Low energy levels
  • Dry skin
  • Tingling sensation in the hands or feet or both
  • Forgetfulness
  • Weight gain
  • Depression

Vegans especially so need to consider their iodine levels. Studies have shown that vegans are found to have 50% lower blood iodine levels than vegetarians.

If you consider the food you eat to be rich in iodine then you need to consider again. Only foods that grow in iodine rich soil or those found near the ocean tends to be high in Iodine.

All in all if you’re a vegan, which you must be if you’re reading this post, then you need to get an iodine supplement.

These are some of the best vegan supplements that you can take. But as a precaution to taking too much, you may want to visit your local medical practitioner and get yourself tested out before taking anything.

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