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Sunday 7 August 2022

Dream Face Reveal

Dream Face Reveal

Dream is famous for his content creation. He is one of the best Minecraft players of all time. His viral videos and insane gameplay make him famous on the internet. However, his face remains in the darkness behind the smiling mask. Kavos, who is a famous YouTuber, took an interview with this Minecraft streamer in February 2021. It was his second interview with Kavos, and he said about his fans on the interview. But later, they talked about the dream face reveal, i.e. his actual identity.

He has been creating Minecraft videos for many years, but no one has seen him. It is his smiling logo which is shown to the viewers. Besides, he opened his account on YouTube over eight years ago, in February of 2014. Since then, he has remained faceless, but it might change.

Fans have been begging for a long time to disclose their identity. It is familiar to the streamers who are not willing to show themselves.

Will the Minecraft streamer ever do Dream Face Reveal?

He told his fans before the end of 2021 that he might open his mask in 2022 as he is planning.

Although he has a massive online following, he keeps his appearance secret. He has not disclosed it other than a few minor teases. Fans expect to see the dream face reveal soon after the glimpse of hair.

Several things have changed in the last few years, for which multiple viewers went after thinking about it. He is an excellent Minecraft streamer. Therefore, his fans want to see him badly. As a streamer, it will be uncomfortable to stream for a long time wearing a mask. Therefore, fans expect that they will get a chance to see his appearance.

However, he is not the only famous content creator who has kept his appearance under wraps. Corpse Husband and Anomaly had done it before also. But later, their masks slipper off during streaming by chance. Despite having many hints and teasers, he has managed to keep his appearance a complete secret.

Latest updates on Dream face reveal:

The image where he is wearing a Corpse beanie spread like wildfire in March. But a Minecraft star posted it before removing this rapidly. He was sure to keep his appearance out of the shot as he disclosed his hair only. However, it is not the first time he has sent fans into a frenzy with a simple hair disclosure. He made a post in August 2021 to keep the rest concealed. However, the teasers made issues also.

Some people think that he used a body double in photos and videos. According to a viral tweet, he had catfished his audience. The tweet also said that it was a picture of a random person.


He might take full benefit of this moment. Therefore, he could tie it into a project for his YouTube channel. His "IRL Manhunt" is one possibility.

Dream promised that if his final Manhunt achieved over 2 million likes, he would do an IRL Manhunt to conclude the series.

The video has had 2.6 million likes recently, indicating that an IRL version is officially on the cards. Hence, dream face reveal is expected to be done during the video.

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