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Saturday 21 January 2023

What is Craft Ice?

What is Craft Ice?

We all know that the growing movement in the industry of cocktails and drink is not only centred around flavours and alcohols. Instead, it basically centres on the ice. So, now your question will be what is craft ice?

In simple words we can say that craft ice is not made of the plastic mould which we settle in our freezer. Besides, it doesn't refer to ice that shoots out of the freezer's door just by pushing a button. This type of ice is made with extreme care. First, you must filter the water and freeze it at sub-zero temperatures.

Do you require craft ice for your at-home cocktails? Making clear ice is not as tough as you think. It can add to the professionalism of the drink of home bartenders. Hence, you should know that you must freeze water inside a cooler to make clear ice. But if you don't have freezer space or enough time, you can spring for large ice moulds at least. Smaller cubes melt more quickly than larger cubes. And the larger ones can cool the drink without diluting it quickly.

What do you mean by craft ice?

Craft ice is a kind of ice that comes in several forms, including: Cube, Sphere, and Stick.

Whether it is a bar or lounge, craft ice has a great use there in drinks around the country.

Not only it looks beautiful, but also it is intriguing, due to which it has become so famous. The melting speed of craft ice is slower than that of standard ice. As a result, it is simple to keep your drink from being watered down.

Craft ice is available in different levels of quality. People generally buy moulds when they want to make ice in their freezers. If you are willing, you may buy a refrigerator that can make craft ice. With the help of these two methods, you can create lower-quality craft ice. If you want top-tier craft ice, you may find several companies that can make the ice using specialized machines, filtration processes, etc.

Craft Ice Applications:

These are the places where you will need to use craft ice.

  • Cocktail Lounges 
  • Restaurants 
  • Event Centers 
  • Special Occasions 
  • Private Parties 
  • Home 

Why Is It Hard to Make Craft Ice?

Remember that it is hard to create craft ice, but it depends on the setup. Is there no tool at your disposal? Making crisp craft ice is more challenging if you don't have any tools and use tap water. It is because people who use ice cube trays, moulds, and a standard freezer will have water that can get frozen from all sides. As a result, getting ice in a clear cube or sphere is impossible. Instead, you may want to freeze it from the top down.

It can push any sediment in the water down to the bottom. When you use tap water, there remains a little bit chance of it. After that, you have to carve it at the top. While it is applicable for the cooler method, you can not apply this so easily when you use sphere moulds. People buy the special moulds when they are willing to create these ice spheres at home. But it needs space, time, and some experiments.

Does Craft Ice Last Longer?

Yes, it lasts longer. The size of the craft ice is larger due to which it needs more time to melt than ice made by freezers. In this case, there is a scientific reason behind the incident. When there is more surface area, ice will melt more easily and dilute your drink. It is crucial because your drink won't be cooled without ice melting. Its dilution part is awesome. You can see the drink starts tasting watered down.

Where can you purchase Craft Ice?

Many people don't like mould, freezing temperatures, coolers, and ice picks. If you want an awesome cocktail, you must keep the craft ice machine ready for the task.

You can get slow-melt cubes and spheres in different shapes like trial-size and value-sized packs. Using this craft ice, you can make your cocktail amazing. Just set craft ice out for 3-4 minutes when you prepare your drink. It allows you to clear the frost and get an ideal piece of ice every time.


It is a slow-melting ice that is ideal for making tasty beverages. You can buy a craft ice maker in your home to make several pieces of ice regularly. Therefore, you don't need to deal with costly moulds, which are time-consuming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Craft Ice worth it? 

If you have an refrigerator, you can make clear balls made of ice at a reasonable price. It can give you slow-melting ice with great taste for your beverages. The time required to form clear ice is more than regular ice. However, you need to wait a while for this.

Q. What is Craft Ice in new refrigerators?

If you have a spherical ice maker, you can use this to make 3-6 ice sphere batches regularly, except for working on time-consuming moulds.

Q. What is the advantage of Craft Ice?

By adding craft ice, you can increase the taste of the cocktail. You can find large cubes consisting of clear, filtered water. Due to their big size, they melt slowly. Although the slow-melting ice cubes don't interfere with the liquor taste.

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