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Friday, 24 March 2017

Pink Noise Can Improve Sleep and Memory in Seniors


Sound Essential in Assisting to Get Good Sleep

The sounds of rushing water of a waterfall, the regular beating of a heart or the sound of rain are usually found in white noise machines which have been designed to assist babies to fall asleep. According to a new Northwestern University research, sound is said to be an essential element in assisting us to eventually get into a good night’s sleep.

Moreover, it also tends to develop memories. As per a study published recently in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, a simple non-invasive, non-medical safe and economical means of getting a much improved sleep at night is to play some pink noise. Pink noise is said to have lesser octaves when compared to typical white noise and is not much soothing. For instance, it could be one-second pulses of the sound of rushing waterfall.

The small parts of quiet, quick sounds would tend to be disturbing should one decide to fall asleep.. However, the pink sound is not attempting to get one to fall asleep but would attempt to put you into a deep slumber wherein one would have slow brainwaves. This is said to be one of our deepest means of sleep which tends to weaken in the case of aging adults.

Sound Therapy – Quality over Quantity

According to Nelly Papalambros, a PhD student at Northwestern University as well as the first author on the work, states that when one plays the pulses at specific times at the stage of deep sleep, it tends to lead to an enhancement of the electrical signal, leading to essentially more of a synchronization of the neurons.

The pulses are said to be timed to correspond with the entry into slow wave sleep. They tend to sound to similar beat as the brainwaves and are inclined to increase the efficiency of your valued as well as elusive deep sleep. The relaxed wave sleep is dangerous for retention associated or essentially, your capability in incorporating new material studied during the day with old material as well as memories.

The sound therapy is not about actually sleeping deeply for longer period but about quality over quantity. One may not be quite rested yet would be remembering more. The researchers observed only the older adults in the age group of 60 plus and had 13 volunteers and did a memory test at night.

Word Association Recall Test

The procedure seemed to be quite simple wherein they attempted to memorize associated words such as oil and energy, or marriage and altar. They were then tested to check how much of it they had recalled before they had dropped off to sleep. The next day the participants were once again tested to see how well they had recalled their training from the previous night.

The word association recall test scores seemed to be thrice better if the participants had the pulses while sleeping than if they had a fake treatment. The team that had obtained the fake treatment seemed to have the same sleep routine and did not get the faint pulses of sound when they had been in the stage of slow wave deep.

The reason to consider older adults was because as one tends to age, sleep seems to become more broken. One does not seem to have much slow wave sleep which then leads to memory loss.

Monday, 20 March 2017

LSD Could Actually Heal the Brain

Mental Illness Treated as Binary Condition

As per World Health Organisation, over 300 million people from all age tend to suffer from depression. The UK Charity Combat Stress, an organisation that tends to render support for British military personnel, lists alcohol misuse, panic attacks and PTSD are the common mental problems envisaged in returning soldiers. Unlike physical illness, mental illness has been treated as a binary condition wherein the person is well or not. Diagnosis of mental illness seems to be extensive and affects several people and as it tends to grow so does the cost of treatment for the same.

According to public health specialist and mental health advocate, Khaliya, for several years, mental health has been spoken about partly since the tool available seemed hard to scale and partly since some of the most powerful tools with regards to health of the brain were stigmatised and turned into scheduled drugs, effectively halting any progress that could be made to prove its efficacy.

 The drug he has been referring to seem to be psychedelic compounds such as Psyciliciban, LSD MDMA, Ayahausca and 5-MeO-DMT. He further added that in the past few years, the research in these drugs though mostly small scale studies, seemed to have remarkable achievement.

Psychedelic Drugs – Treating/Healing Brain

Researchers are of the belief that a single dose of psychedelic drugs could be beneficial inimproving the symptoms of some of the common illness of the brain. They are hopeful that they would eventually be capable of not only treating but actually heal the brain.

Khaliya, while talking at WIRED Health in London had spoken about her own mental health problem stating that she is literally healed today and is grateful for every day and for having a second opportunity at life and is one of the lucky ones.

 The people who tend to need this the most do not have enough money to wait for decades. Brain problem have been presently the main issue of suffering all across the globe. Between 2011 to 2050 the collective output loss of global economic related to mental health disorders is said to be about $16.3 trillion thus making the economic output loss equivalent to the complete GDP of the United States.

Dementia/Stroke on the Rise

Besides this, dementia and stroke is also on the rise and these figures seem to be shocking and distressing considering the various probable effective treatments. These are not being implemented and are not being effectively researched due to cultural and not medical reasons. The most annoying thing with regards to health care industry is that it does not tend to connect to most of the powerful weapons which is the human body.

With respect to the brain this is psychedelic compounds and relating to the body, connecting the power of stems cells.Most of the organisation do not tend to work sincerely and often resort in earning extra money without rendering the appropriate treatment, resulting thus in prolonged illness of the patient. Treating the disorder with the much needed treatment could help the patient both financially as well as mentally bringing about much relief to those who have been the victims of this depressing disorder.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

5 Essential Tips for Expectant Indian Women

Expectant Women

What You Must Know Before Baby's Birth?

Expecting a baby is the most wonderful feeling in this world. You will experience a mix of emotions during this phase. Sometimes you feel happy while sometimes you feel scared because of the future challenges.

Sarah Walker, an artist, once explained her feeling that

“Becoming a mother is like discovering the existence of a strange new room in the house where you already live.” 

When the baby arrives, you want to give every comfort of this world to make sure he/ she is safe. With a different level of responsibilities, you start planning your schedule and make yourself prepare for coming responsibility. But, in the hustle-bustle, you may forget many essential things. Hence, it is a must to start making a to-do list a month or two before the delivery to eliminate the last minute rush.

Here, we have shared a short list of important tasks that an expectant mom must consider before the childbirth.

  1. Shortlist Few Baby Names 

    When a baby arrives, people give several random and irritating names.

    Obviously, you won’t like to call your little one with some crazy name, right? So, make a shortlist of cute Indian Baby Names before the childbirth. Select the most appropriate one after the birth.

  2. Workout/ Exercises for Natural Baby Birth

  3. If you want to avoid a C-section and your pregnancy is normal then exercises are beneficial to avoid complications at the time of delivery. But that doesn’t mean heavy and long exercise sessions. There are some special exercises for increasing chances of normal delivery, for that do consult with your doctor. Yoga postures are effective and safe also they help in reducing the aches and preparing body for easier childbirth.
    Expectant Women

  4. Prepare Hospital Bag One Month Prior

  5. The delivery timing is always uncertain. Hence, start making a hospital bag of essentials a month before, is always helpful. You can take help from a doctor or an experienced mom to make a list of essentials and "Buy newborn essentials online in India."

    Make sure you won’t skip any important item.

  6. Read the Breast Feeding Guide

  7. Nowadays, the majority of couples live away from their families. Hence, it is become more crucial to stay updated with all the information related to before and after the childbirth. You can easily get the details online as the Internet is the pool of information.

    Breastfeeding has many advantages. Alongside, moms and babies may face issues if not supervised correctly. Hence, mom should know what’s necessary and what’s not during breastfeeding.

  8. Find A Pediatrician

  9. Babies are fragile and easily prone to infections. They need a lot of care and precautions at every stage.
    Finding a pediatrician may seem a premature decision, but it is for the benefit of you and your baby. Right after the childbirth, you will require a pediatrician to know what the perfect diet for a newborn is and how much you should feed. What’s good and what’s bad for a baby can only be figured out with the help of a pediatrician.
Hence, it is necessary to stay in touch with a good pediatrician near your home.

While choosing a pediatrician, consider a few things such what are their hours? What is their philosophy on vaccinations?You can ask for suggestions from friends and family members who have children. Make an appointment and visit their clinic to know more about them. It is always a good decision to explore a bit about the pediatrician and the staff.

Conclusion- An expectant mom should consider a few things for hassle-free childbirth. They can either consult with a doctor or an experienced mom to avoid all mistreatments. Read the article thoroughly to have a healthy and happy baby.

Author Bio: Sapana is mother of 2 and a WAHM IT Professional. She writes about pregnancy health, breastfeeding and baby health on her blog:

Saturday, 11 March 2017

This AI Doctor Knows What's Wrong With You By Checking Your Genome


Sequencing of Genome – Decoding DNA

A Swiss based Sophia Genetics, Camblong has been attempting the possibility to democratise data driven medicine by standardising the data analytics all across the globe. Initiated in 2011 it has been trying to do the same with the help of artificial intelligence together with machine learning. Speaking at the conference of Wired Health, in London, Jurgi Camblong had announced that within the following few weeks the firm would be analysing the genomic profiles of 100,000 people.

The sequencing of genome is said to be the practice of decoding the DNA of a person which is a procedure that tends to generate massive extent of data. Each person’s genome comprises of 3.2 billion letters of DNA containing around 20,000 separate genes. The genomic program at NHS has been focusing to sequence 100,000 genomes all over England, wherein beginning of March, it had completed 20,000. On completion, it stated that the data would come in at 31 petabytes.

 In order to get an understanding of the scale, one petabyte of music would be taking about 2,000 years to play. In his firm’s SOPHiA artificial intelligence, which tend to learn from the genomic profiles of patients, Camblong had mentioned that it had already been utilised in supporting the diagnosis of 100,000 people.

AI – Hospitals Receives Actionable Insight

By utilising the AI, hospitals have been capable of receiving `actionable insight regarding patients which enables doctors in comprehending the cause regarding the diseases. It has been mentioned by Sophia Genetics that it has been operating on five areas namely oncology, hereditary cancer, cardiology, metabolism and paediatric conditions.

Camblong had informed that the more data SOPHiA tends to process, it learns more, since information is constantly shared secretly on the platform in order to assist clinicians to enhance individually thus making improved decisions. The scheme tends to function by observing the genomic profiles of each individual, combing it with the information of doctors as well as clinicians.

With the help of machine learning, the more date system is fed, the better is the decision it tends to make. The business model tends to work by charging the hospital every time it utilises the tool. Camblong debates it is so because his firm is capable of computing data better than the hospitals it sells to.

Future - Chronic Disorder

Presently the software of the company is being utilised in around 250 hospitals in 45 countries all over the world which comprises of 10 NHS hospitals in the UK. This is said to be twice the number of hospitals which had been utilising the software beginning of 2016 according to Camblong’s information to WIRED. Neither the firm nor the NHS is the only one interested in processing genomic sequencing.

 Google in the earlier years had been approaching hospitals as well as universities, proposing them its cloud services in order to store genome data in the cloud. The cost presently is around £1,000 in order to sequence the genome of a complete person. However, when it had first sequenced in 2000 the cost was about $100 million.
According to Camblong, the downward trend would continue as the amount of data and knowledge will increase and in time that cost would drop to $100.Camblong is of the belief that in the near future, cancer would be considered as a `chronic disorder and hopes that it would be possible to look at this disease and say that it looks like the cancer of 10,000 other patients’, providing advice to doctors for the treatment of the same.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Breakthrough Technology Enables Communication in Late Stage ALS

brain computer interface
For family member of the patients who are suffering from Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) will finally have a reason to rejoice. A new revolutionary technology has been developed by the scientists will have them getting back the communicational ability in a noble fashion. ALS is described as a rapidly progressive and intensely rare disease which results in patients gradually their complete motor functionality. It essentially leads to the degeneration as well as ultimate death of the motor neurons which removes the ability to move around or communicate at all.

More than two third trial patients responded correctly

A brain-computer interface (BCI) technology is developed by a team of doctors and scientists which is led by Prof. Nield Birbaumer in Geneva, Switzerland. The BCI technology takes advantage of the ‘functional near infrared spectroscopy’ (fNIRS) which has the ability to enable the communication even in the patients who are in completely locked in syndrome. Their study has been published in a reputed science magazine called PLOS Biology.

Four patients suffering from ALS agreed to be part of this revolutionary technology trial and led to its success. This technology specifically detected responses from the patients on a series of simple question which requires ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer by thinking the answers. This was done by carefully measuring the changes in the blood oxygen level of the brains. A number of earlier theories have cemented the understanding that patients suffering from locked’-n syndrome are completely unable to perform goal directed thinking but researchers found that their technology prompted in getting correct in 70% of the trials.

Technology set to bring a positive impact on human life

This technology was trialed on four patients suffering from the ALS and they were able to regain a kind of communicational ability wherein they provided valuable response to doctors questioning. All these patients are suffering from the locked-in syndrome where they can’t even move their eyelids to reflect any form of communication but this technology enabled them to communicate by carefully analyzing their breathing and other brain patterns. Doctors has emphasized that these patients were on artificial ventilation in order to sustain their as they were unable breathe on their own but their interaction with this technology resulted in positive impact.

The questions asked by the scientists to emit response from the patients were simply straight forward and easier to understand in nature. These questions included ‘Are you happy?” and other questions like that and this questioning was repeated over few weeks with answers being consistently ‘yes’. In one such session a family member of the patient insisted on asking a particular which was whether he would allow his daughter to be married with the boyfriend. This question was repeated over 10 times over different time period and the response was simply ‘no’ for 9 times altogether. One of the doctors associated with this technology and trial stressed that this technology is the first crucial step which help patients with locked in syndrome in regaining movement in future.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Paralysed Patients Communicate Thoughts via Brain-Computer Interface

Brain-Computer Interface
Healthcare is going through a decisive decade wherein technology is advancing at an incredible pace to enhance the longevity of the human race along with offering some incredible solutions to age old problems. Quite recently a team of scientists has been able to develop a highly advanced brain-computer interface which has the ability to read brain’s blood oxygen level in order to bring communicational abilities to the paralyzed patients.

This interface essentially helps in deciphering the patient’s thoughts and allows them to communicate. During the initial trial of this system scientist has taken help of four patients who are suffering from complete locked-in syndrome wherein they are unable to a single part of their body to facilitate communication. Thereby their thought waves were analyzed to bring responses in either yes or no through a list of questions.
Brain Computer interface (BCI) will transform millions of patient’s life

Researchers have asserted that the brain-computer interface (BCI) developed by them is non-invasive in nature. It will help in effectively transforming lives of millions of patients by giving them an opportunity to express their feeling and opinions. Patients who can only lift their eyes up and down in form of active body movements is classified as enduring locked-in syndrome when even such ability is lost then it results in complete locked-in syndrome. BCI will help such patients in communicating again and with further progress in the technology they will be able regain their body movement.

More details into the development of this system

Scientists has made trail of this system on four patients effectively suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). ALS is defined as a progressive motor neuron disease which gradually destroys a patient’s nervous system which controls of the body movement thereby paralyzing him for life. They have published their trial and its finding in the journal on Tuesday called PLOS Biology wherein they provided some of the insightful studies of their trial.

The questions put forwarded to the patients were to be responded in either yes or no and it included basic questions such as whether their husband name is correct or not or are they are happy. The technology used to measure their responses by effectively measuring their blood oxygenation and brain electrical activity was made up of near infrared spectroscopy and the electroencephalography or EEG.

How this system works? 

This particular system devised by the scientists actually keeps a record of the blood flow and oxygen level then calculates how these levels changes during the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ responses by the patients. Over the time this system learns from this and develops a pattern which is able to accurately predict/calculate patient’s responses with precision.

John Donoghue the director of Wyss Center has appreciated the breakthrough made by the scientists and he states that this could be the first step in helping such patients in regaining their movement. His team has next task at hand that is to develop this particular system and technology further to make it available to wider number of patients suffering from strike, spinal cord injury or ALS.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Smart Baby Trackers Mostly Unnecessary

The rising trend among the parents to track and monitor the movements of their off-springs through advanced technological racking equipments and gadgets has been dubbed as waste of money. Now the doctors in US is looking forward to get the smart health trackers for babies to be regulated by a US body which overlooks the development and intricate working of other medical equipments. This might come as a surprise for a number of parents which actively indulge in monitoring their babies in sleep.

How smart baby trackers works? 

The smart baby trackers are made up of highly advanced monitors; are equipped with varied forms of sensors. These sensors are fitted to the baby’s clothing or nappies and it helps in measuring signs which includes the heart rate as well as breathing rhythm during the sleep. The data generated from the trackers are shared with the parents with a phone based app.

A team of doctors from Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia has opined that the baby tracking devices should be approved by The FDA. The major reason for this is attributed to the fact that one of the brands named Owlet sells its baby monitor for $250 and it proactively helps in tracking sleeping baby’s breathing and heart rate. This happens through the help of a sensor which has to be placed inside baby socks. Owlet has stated on its website it has submitted an application on FDA site for approval. But without proper authorization from FDA such devices shouldn’t be allowed to be sold to the general public as it can have adverse impact on the baby’s health.

The health risks of monitoring devices

A neonatologist named Dr Elizabeth Foglia has stated that keeping baby’s healthy shouldn’t be compromised with the use of unapproved health monitoring devices. It has been found that adopting the monitoring devices has not resulted in reducing the risks of the Sids (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Furthermore there are few classes of babies which shouldn’t be brought in close connection with the monitors unless it has been prescribed by the physician. Another problem which might arise from the continuous monitoring of the infant health is that it can results in raising false alarms with regular changes in the body. An infant body is going through rapid development which results in a number of physiological changes.

The risk of false alarms

An analyst at CSS Insight named Ben Wood has shed light on this trend by stating that new parents are seduced by the baby tracker manufacturers. Manufacturers are specifically targeting the young parents by carefully merchandising their gadgets as a tool of offering best start in life to the babies. The health services present in the country are already stretched and such products are only going to make things worse. These products can easily end up in raising the false alarms which will cause undue trouble for the parents and eventually lead to the healthcare facilities based on the futile alarms.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Three-parent baby born to infertile couple in world first

A highly experimental birth technique was conducted by few reputed doctors in Ukraine with miraculous results. An ordinary Ukrainian couple was trying to conceive a baby for almost 10 years, and was disappointed with no results. The desperate need of the couple for their own baby also made them go through four rounds of IVF.

However, the results were still negative and they had almost lost of the hope of having their own children. IVF is the test tube baby technique in which the sperm and egg are manually combined in a laboratory. The doctors tried to create a new type of three-person IVF and were successful in doing so. For the first time, this three-person IVF procedure has allowed this infertile couple to become fertile and have their own child.

Three-person IVF method 

This couple was blessed with a baby boy using a new technique called the pronuclear transfer, and the doctors regarded the technique as being ‘highly experimental’. In Kiev, the doctors fertilized the father’s sperm with the mother’s egg into another egg donated by an anonymous (name not revealed) woman.

Valery Zukin, the supervisor of the entire procedure revealed, that later this egg was again implanted into the womb of the mother, who gave birth to the child naturally. The couple was completely awe-struck by the news and at first couldn’t believe that such a miracle was really possible.

Scientists claim the method to be unsafe 

The three-person IVF procedure is not entirely new, and has been used previously for preventing inheritance of genetic disorders. However, this was the first time that the same was used as a potent method of treating infertility. The director of Nadiya clinic, Kiev remarked that this particular procedure is effective and could be used in the future to help women in their 40’s to give birth naturally, using their own eggs. However, other scientists have stated that this procedure could not be scientifically tested and that it could give false hope to infertile women trying to conceive.

Dr. Zukin further added that this procedure is highly effective for infertile women suffering from the condition commonly known as ‘embryo arrest’. This is an uncommon condition and is suffered by 1 out of 150 IVF patients.

In this condition, the embryo of the patient simply stops growing even before it’s implanted. This new pronuclear procedure has not yet been scientifically proven as stated by the chairman of British Fertility Society, Adam Balen. They are also quite cautious about espousing this method for improving IVF outcomes.

The baby boy has a tiny amount of DNA from the anonymous woman and has inherited its genes from his original parents. Yesterday the Nadiya clinic in Kiev announced that the child was born healthy on 5th January, 2017. In response to the scientists’ statements of this method being unsafe, Dr Zukin stated that they ought to try a new procedure for knowing its outcomes correctly. The couple had gone through 4 IVF cycles, and could never conceive even after 10 years of trying. HFEA approved the new procedure and this is considered as a historic decision.

Friday, 27 January 2017

Blood Repellent Materials: A New Approach to Medical Implants

Blood Repellent Materials
The medical assistant that is being provided to several human beings does enable immediate relief to the patients from the concerned ailment but at the same time bears several side-effects that can lead to further health problems. With the up-gradation in the field of science and technology, medical science has answer to every serious health issues. But, it should be kept in mind that these newly developed remedies do not become the reason behind several other problems.

One of the biggest problem these days have been discovered that gives a negative dimension to new high techniques of curing diseases is that stents, catheters and tubing bears the risk of blood clotting and infection. This situation has become very common amongst several patients, which is even life threatening.

As per the research done in the Colorado State University, suggests that this is definitely a very obvious problem but they even have discovered a solution to this. The engineers there say that if a properly grown surface of titanium referred to as superhemophobic which is remarkably repulsive to blood can solve the problem. They even assured that this material can be confidently used for surgeries as it has the lowest risk of being hazardous to health in comparison to other materials which increases the risk of future ailments.

This solution has been forged out of two theories .The two developing disciplines has recently been published in Advanced Healthcare Materials by assistant professors in the department of medical and biomedical engineering, Arun Kota and KetulPopat.

Kota who is an expert in seperomniphobic materials, one day during his experiments discovered that titanium and blood act as highly repulsive stuffs. He and others who were involved in this experiment came to a conclusion that this can be used in terms of medical surgeries as adhesion of platelets is very low in terms of titanium and blood. So, if titanium is used by the surgeons then the risk of blood clotting can be averted.

The whole crux of their invention is that they are suggesting to use a material that is tremendously undesired by blood. The titanium surface turns out to be so repulsive that blood can be tricked into accepting that there isn’t any presence of an undesired material, which makes the situation appealing and hence, any risk can be easily avoided. It is all about tricking blood in terms of its high resistant capabilities.

Blood is always taken to be an unfavorable material for interaction which leads to several other problems in the area of medical science. Students of this field in the due course of time learn how to form clots, and several other problems like heart attack or embolisms just by making blood react to its enemies.

Researches are still being carried to find several other materials that acts as of high repulsive value in terms of blood and hence materials should be tested in labs before they are used for any surgeries.

Monday, 23 January 2017

carbapenem resistant Enterobacteriaceae 'nightmare bacteria' Harvard study declares

CRE the antonym for carbapenem resistant Enterobacteriaceae is one of the most dangerous and scary widespread bacteria which is resistant to antibiotics. With studies being conducted to find the effects of it and how hard it is to deal with, CRE has been branded with the tag of being the ‘nightmare bacteria’. The name was done after the studies found out that the CRE has been immune to even the last resort antibiotics.

In a recent research undertaken by the Harvard scientists, the earlier knowledge about the CRE seemed faint as the same has been found to exist with much wider appearance and disaster. The CRE is known to exist in various species across the country with each species dealing with its own medication needs and fighting.

The species of CRE is found to be spreading and getting shared in new species with medication resistance. And the spread of the same is happening from person to person without any visible symptoms. While most medications are focused on treating the infections caused because of CRE, the new research have brought the tension more intensely as the cases are understood to be more intense than it seemed. Some medications might just not be able to treat the CRE that exists with no visible signs or infections.

For fighting with the CRE there is a need to observe and study the pattern of the transmission of the bacteria in communities and improve the healthcare facilities says the associate professor of epidemiology at the Harvard Chan School and also the senior author of study, William Hanage.

CRE is a bacteria which is proven to be resistant to antibiotics. The class of bacteria has been under study since years and has been found ineffective and immune to even the last resort drugs and antibiotics which even include the carbapenems. With a widespread presence in communities, and transmitting through patience in hospitals and healthcare centers, the bacteria has caused about 600 deaths in USA each year with about 9300 types of infections.

The researchers picked about 250 samples from hospitals of Boston and California to study its effects with aims which mainly were:

  • CRE’s generic diversity 
  • CRE’s outbreaks and its process-timings 
  • The study of CRE spreading in hospitals and people 
  • Learn the spread of resistance because of CRE in different species 

Dr Hanage’s study revealed that a riot of diversity existed both in the CRE species as well as carbapenem genes resistance. The research also stated that there is free movement of bacteria from species to species and thus an increased threat because of CRE. The resistance to the CRE is found to be more than ever and is evolving with time which shall make the practice of solving the mystery even more difficult with each passing day. And thus scientists insist genomic surveillance of these dangerous bacteria to get clearer understanding and control over the mechanism in which it works.

The scientists are finding ways to stop the transmission as an early measure to fight against the resistance which shall prove helpful in achieving major understanding and creating ways to fight with it. The treatments shall be effective only when the transmission is stopped and the study is being conducted for that too!

Friday, 13 January 2017

Why We Tend To Carry Babies on Our Left

From the day we are born we entangle ourselves into many relationships but the most precious, everlasting and god gifted relationship is that with our mother. This purest form of love is a blessing for all the mammals but no one can figure out the exact reason behind it from time immemorial we have learnt that mothers nourish their child in their womb for 9 months, hence this is the ultimate reason why our relationship with our mother is the most strongest as this relation begins prior to all other relationships we develop in this world.

The way a mother loves her child is impeccable and the way she holds her child is also a bit mysterious. The scientists are keen to find out the reason behind why mothers always carry their baby in their left shoulder. The exact reasoning behind this phenomenon is yet to develop but if we study human behavior we can find that this activity is embedded in our evolution. Some researchers have claimed that there is this is directly related to our brains as it helps us to grasp the information and reaction that a baby gives and is process accordingly.

When a mother holds her baby in her arms, she does it with so much care and affection that no other place can be as safe for her baby than the mother’s shoulders. But, this biasness to cradle her baby on the left side is still not clear and thus has given a new agenda to the scientists for research.

Scientists from all over the world is researching on this topic and found this left side cradling biasness in many animals and have derived a conclusion that strengthens the relationship between the mother and her child as she can immediately respond to her child’s actions. Some authors say that left-side cradling of the baby is the best way for a mother to get connected with her child by responding to her child’s cry, laugh, yawns and many more. As holding the child on the left side helps all the responses of the child to be delivered in flick of seconds to the mother’s brain. In This way the bonding between the mother and child becomes strong and develops emotions.

Researches have proven that almost 70 to 85 per cent of women and girls have a tendency to hold the babies on the left shoulder.

New findings have suggested that sensory lateralization leads to the bonding between the mother and the child. During the research a study was carried out incorporating almost 10 species of the animal kingdom including walruses, orcas to kangaroos and it was discovered that all preferred in keeping the infants on their left shoulder.

Thus, whether we consider this phenomenon of keeping children to the left side as an evolution, preference or tendency, it does very much exists especially in women and henceforth nurtures this god gifted relationship between a mother and her child.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Doctors Issue New Year Detox Health Warning

We have heard that almost everyone after having a heavy intake of calories during occasions or festival season opt for the process of detoxification in order to flush out all the waste from their body. This urge is especially felt amongst women. Doctors and dieticians have warned people against the ill effects of ‘detox’. Recent researches have projected that several women after going through the process of detoxification have undergone severe health issues which can even risk their life.

Detoxification relates to the process relating to herbal solutions for your health along with consuming too much of water. This is not a desired way of getting released from all the toxins which gets accumulated in your body after consuming alcohol or junk foods in huge quantity. It is not a healthy way to stay healthy. It seems very tempting and beneficial but it is not.

This reminds me of an incident where my neighbor who opted for this remedy but after a while she started to suffer from drastic health problems which made her seriously unfit and was thus admitted to a nearby hospital. Though, she finally recovered but the troubles she used to face regarding her health was traumatic and she still gets terrified to speak about it.

It is most commonly found that detoxification is pursued in the beginning of New Year as it is considered as a way to wash out all the excesses of Christmas from one’s body. But, the process is life threatening as we found in the above mentioned incident.

People opting for detox are made to drink a mocktail consisting of several herbs and some other remedies include:

  • Milk thistle 
  • I-theanine 
  • Molkosan 
  • Valerian Root 
  • Glutamine
  • Vervain 
  • Vitamin B Compound
They also made them drink lots of water, green tea and sage tea for many days.

Some of the symptoms include that the patients can collapse and can have a seizure. The level of sodium gets reduced in the body.

Researches have shown that once a man who had anxiety and also had seizures due to less amount of salt in the body was subjected to detoxification and the intensity of his illness increased after going as it included consuming of things like

  • Valerian Root 
  • Passion Flower 
  • Chamomile 
  • Passion Flower 
  • Hops
  • Lemon Balm
The current market of medicines in UK is very familiar to all and has introduced many beneficial medicines. Those who are still unfamiliar with the contemporary medicines opt for ‘detox’.

It is a wrong belief that excessive intake of water or fluid leads to purification of our by cleaning all the wastes. We should be careful enough in buying natural products as all of them are not free from side-effects. The entire process of detoxification is bull shit. There aren’t any tablets or health drinks that can completely make you free from toxins and drinking excessive water can prove out to be very dangerous. Moreover,our body has been bestowed with several organs like liver, kidney and gut that is capable of purifying you entirely.

Monday, 26 December 2016

Psychedelic Sanctuary will Help Drug Users Get over Bad Trips

Most of the people are unaware about to recover from really bad phases and trips in life in the right way. In order to provide right answer to this problem a psychedelic sanctuary will open in New York where US residents will get the first taste of therapeutic medication. This centre brings a culmination of variety of therapeutic techniques and practices into play which can help people in dealing with such phase as well as regain their confidence along with peace of mind in the most natural way. This therapeutic facility will foster the use of psychedelic drugs along with psychotherapy and group support for the users.

A new mode of active living

This therapeutic center will help users in dealing with the intense & difficult situations and experience of the life. This sanctuary will be held at the Centre for Optimal Living in New York under its founder named Andrew Tatarsky. Andrews states that the traditional and established method of drug treatment wherein the use of drugs for treating the chronic and progressive disease results in causing total abstinence among the users.

A new treatment

At this sanctuary users will be treated with the psychedelic drugs which include LSD but it is worth pointing out that this is regarded as the drugs of abuse. The conventional method of treatment and medications doesn’t helps in ridding people of their additions in a remarkable fashion.

Greater well being of the society

Psychedelic sanctuary will have a full staff which will include a doctors, psychedelic researchers along with 11 clinical psychologists. Apart from these it will also feature a number of support groups, training in medication, yoga and workshops will be conducted for the users. A preliminary research conducted by the researchers has shown that the person who actively receives help from any kind of group therapy or support group tend to get improved levels of well being than those who rely on conventional treatment or medication.
Support group and such sessions will play a vital role in turning people towards the path of attaining of internal well being and enhancement of the mood. This sanctuary will employ only properly trained and professionals who will guide users in dealing with their problems.

Psychedelic sanctuary opens a new world of healing

The best thing about psychedelic sanctuary is that it will help users in integrating positive feeling throughout their treatment which will help in unlocking richer life. It will also help people in feeling more compassionate and sympathetic to other which eventually bring them closure to the nature. A number of researches has pointed out that psychedelics helps in relieving people from the depths of depressions and anxiety and restores them to their cheery self. A recent study conducted on the psilocybin has offered dramatic results wherein it was found that this particular compound retrieved from the magic mushrooms helps people in facing death in a more dignified with life threatening disease like cancer.

Friday, 16 December 2016

Parkinson's Linked to Gut Bacteria


Parkinson’s disease Linked – Bacteria in the Gut

Researchers, for the first time have discovered a practical link between the bacteria in the gut and the onset of Parkinson’s disease which is one of the most common debilitating brain disorders in the world. A team of scientists from many institutions in the United State as well as Europe have portrayed how changing the bacteria in the guts of mice have caused the appearances of the symptoms of Parkinson’s including also bacteria taken from the guts of humans affected by the disease.

The discoveries indicate a new system of treating the disease and the best target of treating could be the gut instead of the brain. The scientists expect that the new information could be utilised in developing `next generation’ probiotics, more sophisticated than the type of probiotics located on the shelves of health food stores presently.

One of the researchers on the team as well as professor of microbiology at the California Institute of Technology, Sarkis Mazmanian commented that `one could imagine a day maybe in our lifetimes; patients will be prescribed drugs and in the pills will be the bacteria that tend to protect them from disease or maybe treat their disease symptoms.

Second Most Common Neurodegenerative Disease

Their findings had been published recently in the journal Cell. Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative disorder wherein the brain cells tend to amass excessive amount of protein known as alpha-synuclein and later die off.

 The person affected by this disease tends to lose motor function, experiences tremors and shaking and also faces other physical as well as mental disorders. Around one million people in the U.S and up to 10 million all over the world tend to be affected by this disease.

 It is said to be the second most common neurodegenerative disease in the world, after Alzheimer’s.It is not typically the cause of genetic, but most often it is influenced by environmental elements. Earlier researches have indicated links between gut bacteria and Parkinson’s together with other diseases like multiple sclerosis. However no research has indicated how precisely the two could be connected.

Alpha-Synuclein – Hallmark Protein of Disease

Three diverse experiments had been performed by the researchers which indicated the connection between the germs in the gut and the disease in the brain. At first, they assimilated two sets of mice which had been naturally altered to overproduce alpha-synuclein, the hallmark protein of the disease.

One set of the mice had complete microbiome which is the collective name for the bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract while the other set had no bacteria in their guts and were germ-free. The germ-free mice seemed to overproduce alpha-synuclein though their brain cells had not been accumulating the protein.

The germ-free mice showed less symptoms and their performance had improved on a series of motor skills test that were intended to model the kinds of test given to human patients. But the mice with the complete microbiome began accumulating the protein in their brain cells and started displaying brain damage in the areas which one would expect for a patient suffering from Parkinson’s.

 Then the team fed both the set of mice short-chain fatty acids which are usually produced by bacteria in the gut. They were checking to see if germ-free mice would portray symptoms if the researchers had imitated gut bacteria activity. The germ-free mice showed symptoms of the disease in the brain when fed with the chemicals which suggested that with the chemicals some types of gut bacteria produce deteriorate conditions in the brain.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

'Flashing light therapy' for Alzheimer

'Flashing light therapy' for Alzheimer

Flashing Light Therapy – Fight Off Alzheimer’s

As per US scientists, a flashing light therapy could be beneficial in fighting off Alzheimer’s after conducting trials on mice. The researchers observed that there is a possibility to reduce the levels of beta amyloid plaque in the visual cortex typical to Alzheimer’s disease in mouse.

Their discovery had been reproduced in the journal `Nature’ wherein Li-Huei Tsai and his team informed that the research can be carried further to check if this method could be utilised in the treatment of Alzheimer’s patients.

 The method seems to hold a lot of potential since it is accessible and non-invasive. The team at Massachusetts observed that shining a strobe light into the eyes of rodent encouraged the protective cells to eat up the harmful proteins which tend to amass in the brain in the case of dementia.

Accumulation of beta amyloid protein is said to be one of the earliest changes in the brain in the case of Alzheimer’s disease. It tends to cluster together forming sticky plaques and is said to cause nerve cell death together with memory loss. Researchers have been looking for various options of preventing plaque formation by using drugs though the result proved to be disappointing.

Rate of Flashes – 40 Per Second

However Dr Li-Huei Tsai and his team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have now discovered another option of treating the disease by using light.The precise rate of flashes is said to be 40 per second which is only a perceptible flicker, four times as fast as a disco strobe.

The mice that they had researched had been genetically engineered to have Alzheimer’s kind damage in their brain, as per Nature journal reports. When they had been placed before the flashing light for about an hour, it had led to a evident reduction in beta amyloid over the following 12 to 24 hours in the areas of the brain which handle vision. Performing this activity on a daily basis for a week gave rise to even better decline. Similarly, light stimulation directly to the area of the brain which tends to deal with memory of hippocampus resulted in decline of beta amyloid.

Clearing Beta Amyloid/Preventing Plaques

The researchers have informed that the light is beneficial by recruiting the help of resident immune cells known as microglia which are scavenger that eat and clear harmful or threatening pathogen and in this case, the beta amyloid. It is expected that clearing of the beta amyloid and preventing more plaques from developing could stop Alzheimer’s and its symptoms.

Researchers state that this method could be utilised in testing humans. Permission has already been sought from the US regulator, the Food and Drugs Administration wherein they have set up a commercial company in developing the technology. The scientists have informed that in the future, people could wear exceptional goggles and sit before a light emitting device in order to get a therapeutic dose of the strobe light which could be completely painless as well as non-invasive.

A very low intensity, very ambient soft light could be used. They further informed that the set-up is not offensive at all, emphasising that it should be safe and would not cause epilepsy for those who tend to be vulnerable.

Friday, 9 December 2016

Teenage Cancer First to be cryogenically Frozen


Cancer Teenager to be Cryogenically Frozen

The father of a British cancer teenager to be cryogenically frozen is apprehensive that she would be woken in `200 years’ all by herself in America without any memory or a family. The unnamed teenager who had died last month is presently in a `cryostat’ tank at about -196C in the Michigan based Cryonics Institute.

She had been in the midst of a fierce legal battle between her parents who had been divorced wherein her mother had agreed to her wish of being frozen while her estranged father; battling cancer had refused due to its cost of £37,000 together with the brutal process of preserving her.

He had informed the High Court that even if the treatment would be successful and she could be brought back to life in around 200 years, she would not find any of her relatives and would fail to remember things.

He further added that she may be left in a desperate situation considering that she is still only 14 years old and would be in the United States of America. Zoe Fleetwood, the girl’s solicitor had informed that the teenager had described Mr Justice Jackson as her hero before her death after he had approved to her dying wish that one day she would be cured and woken up.

Body Chilled to Two/Three Weeks in Liquid Nitrogen

Ms Fleetwood had also informed BBC Radio 4 Today programme: By October 6, the girl knew that her wishes would be followed and that had given her comfort. Sadly she had died on October 17 knowing those last few days that her wish would be granted.

She had further added that it was a great privilege to represent her and that she had extraordinary determination. Her body had been flown to America and had been chilled over two to three weeks in Liquid Nitrogen and stored with around 150 other bodies.

It was also disclosed by the judge that her father was persuaded eventually and said that he respects the decisions she had made and that this is the last and only thing she had asked from him. She had written an extraordinary letter to a judge during the landmark case while she had been on her death bed mentioning that she was only 14 years old and did not want to die though she knew that she was going to die.

Being Cryo-preserved - Opportunity to Be Cured

She had informed that she wanted to live longer and was of the opinion that in the future, they would find a cure for cancer and wake her up. It was this chance she wished to have. She further added that being cryo-preserved had given her an opportunity to be cured and woken up, even in hundreds of years’ time and that she did not want to be buried underground.

She had requested the High Court to rule that her mother would be the only one permitted to make decision regarding the disposal of her body. Mr Justice Jackson, the High Court judge, after agreeing had visited her before her death on October 17 informed that the terminally ill had died peacefully with the knowledge that her remains would be frozen. The judge also mentioned that he had been moved by the courageous way she had faced her dilemma.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Immediate Aspirin Advice for Minor Stroke

Aspirin Advice

Aspirin – Prevent/Reduce Further Stroke

According to researchers, after a minor stroke, a patient can consider taking aspirin immediately to prevent or reduce harm of further strokes. Scientists of Oxford University state that though doctors have already been advised to give the drug, the advantage of consuming it early has been greatly underestimated and treatment sometimes is delayed.

They have called for clearer medical and public guidelines by writing in the Lancet. NHS England states that it will consider the findings of the study carefully. Minor strokes and transient ischaemic attacks or mini-strokes – TIAs tends to take place due to interruption of blood flow to the brain. This could result in weakness to the limbs or issues with speech or vision, wherein the symptoms usually seem to disappear within some days.

However, the risk of having another major stroke with more permanent symptoms tends to be high in the days following an attack. Earlier research have recommended aspirin which plays some part in lessening this chance especially in the long run by reducing the danger of the formation of blood clots or thinning the blood. The team of scientist inform that their findings portray that most of the benefit is in the initial crucial hours and days following a minor stroke or TIA.

Advantage of Immediate Aspirin Therapy

They evaluated taking early aspirin treatment which could lessen the danger of having a massive stroke from one in 20 people each day to one in 100. Professor Peter Rothwell, lead researcher stated that the advantage of immediate aspirin therapy was greatly underestimated.

He added that they need to encourage people if they think they have had some neurological symptoms which could be a minor stroke or TIA to take aspirin instantly and seek medical attention at the earliest. Using aspirin immediately could reduce the danger of major strokes for those who tend to have minor warning signs.

Professor Rothwell informed that their findings confirm the effectiveness of urgent treatment after TIA and minor stroke and shows that aspirin is the most important component. Speedy treatment with aspirin could considerably reduce the danger as well as severity of an early recurrent stroke. The discovery has effects for doctors who should give aspirin if a TIA or minor stroke is suspected instead of waiting for the assessment and examination of the physician.

Essential to Bring About Awareness

The discovery also has suggestion for public education. Most of the patients do not seek medical help and tend to delay for some days. Half of these patients incline to have a TIA before they seem to get treatment for TIA. It is essential to bring about awareness among people to take an aspirin if they tend to have a TIA or a minor stroke like sudden-onset unfamiliar neurological symptoms, which could be beneficial in addressing this problem especially if timely treatment is not available.

According to Dr Dale Webb, Director of Research and Information at the Stroke Association states that a TIA is a medical emergency and an urgent neurological assessment needs to be pursued. The research shows that taking aspirin after TIA can dramatically reduce the risk and severity of further stroke. The findings recommend that anyone having symptoms that are improving while they have been waiting for medical attention could, if they can, take one dose of 300 mg aspirin.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Could 3D Printed Organs Be Medicine Next Grisly Black Market

3D Printed Organs
Credit:Eduard Lysenko

Shortage of Organ Transplant – An International Crisis

Global shortage of human organs still tends to prevail in spite of the world’s successful transplant that had taken place more than sixty years ago. Around 49,000 people in the UK had suffered on the list of transplant in the past years with over 6,000 people comprising of children who had lost their life due to the waiting period.

Shortage of organs for transplant has been an international crisis and one which has created some shocking temporary resolutions. In 2007, after the disclosure of China’s state sponsored system of harvesting organs from prisoners, David Matas, human rights lawyer and activist David Kilgour had recently updated their incendiary report claiming that the practice tends to continue till date in spite of the claims to the contrary by the state.

The Mohan Foundation, an NGO in India, set up to extend awareness of the illegal organ trade, tends to receive regular enquiries from prospective donors who perceive a `spare’ kidney as their way out of poverty. Iran, the only country in the world with an official organ selling program has been a state-sanctioned flow of kidneys up the socio-economic ladder from the despairing and poor to the despairing and the rich.

Bioprinting – Use of Specialist 3D Printers

However for those reluctant in entering the black market as `transplant tourists’ there seems to be some hope in the form of printed organs together with medical devices. Bioprinting is the use of specialist 3D printers in creating cellular scaffolds wherein further cells can be grown, is being utilised in producing hearts, livers, and kidneys together with other kinds of human tissue in the laboratories.

Out-dated 3D printing is being utilised in creating prototypes of all things from wheelchairs to exoskeletons. As the medical printing technologies tend to be more universal and the barriers to entry tends to get lower, an accustomed question seems to prop up on how can weensure that criminals do not begin filling the gaps in the market with low-cost, low-quality knock-offs?

Dr Bertalan Mesko, medical futurist as well as author of My Health Upgraded: Revolutionary Technologies to Bring a Healthier Future informed Wired that `the issue will not be whether these technologies could solve medical issues or whether it is affordable or whether it is disruptive enough. The question is how the bad guys would find ways of using these technologies in an unsafe and unregulated manner.

Bioprinting Mainstream Practice – Access to Technology – Good Price

Mesko is said to be a self-described optimist on the medical printing topicand his anxiety is in the slow working of the present day medical regulatory bodies. Should a 3D printing technology be attained and are disseminated quickly, then the healthcare providers would be flooding the market with inexpensive and possibly incredible treatments.

 If they tend to come up in fits and starts, then the other welfareswould attempt to plug the gap. Mesko had mentioned that as usual, there seems to be illegal means of getting organs to those in need and when bioprinting becomes a mainstream practice in medicine, then the criminals would come up with their own solutions. If bioprinting becomes a mainstream system, then anyone could have access to the technology for a good price.

If one can print out an organ established on the stem cells of the patient in a short span of time, it would be a normal element of healthcare and there would be no reason to print organs in a criminal manner. Mesko admits that in the West where most of the people tend to have access to at least a comparatively comprehensive healthcare, the patients are less possible to take risks by seeking help from organised crime or black-market organs.

Printed Knock-offs of Medical Devices

He further stated that a more reasonable scenario is that printed knock-offs of medical devices especially would start to show up in poorer countries, in the same manner counterfeit drugs presently seems to be predominant but not exclusively a third world issue.

He also added that if one is in a wheelchair in the West, then they could turn to an insurance company in order to avail an exoskeleton, which is a robotic structure around the limbs that tend to assist you to walk again. However an exoskeleton is priced at around ten thousand dollars presently. The purpose why it is so, is that in order these devices need to be approved and to be safe and regulated.

 However there could be some criminal gangs who would utilise cheap 3D printer to print parts of the exoskeleton, creating something which could do almost the same functions though without it being regulated. Those who do not tend to have good insurance plan or have no access to these innovations in poorercountries could resort to turn to these criminals. They would want to walk again though would not be in a position to approve of the methods.

Imperfection Solution Better than Nothing

This would be a position for the bad guys. Printing medical devices beside human tissues tend be an enormous specialist procedure. In the near future, the technical obstacles would buy regulatory authorities time to choose what, how and when to make the best of these disruptive technologies accessible.

Nevertheless, Mesko states that unless these technologies are made reasonable and generally distributed they would not be disruptive sufficient. Criminal alternative would seem to look more interesting if patients from poorer countries tend to learn that there are treatments accessible somewhere else and those treatments are excessively expensive.

 Mesko informs that an imperfection solution could be better than nothing at all. However when it comes to one’s own health, you would not take the risk if you learn that there are some good inexpensive solutions available to the person. Currently the reason why some of the individuals seem to risk their lives with the illegal organ market is because they get it this way or they tend to die and that seems to be the perfect option.

The majority of the individuals would be able to gain access to these technologies from traditional healthcare methods if systematic frameworks are adequately quick. However for the rest, they could always resort to search for a solution.

Monday, 28 November 2016

New Capsule Achieves Long Term Drug Delivery


Medical science has undergone massive development over the last few decades. The tag of “incurable” has been removed from many hazardous diseases. The treatment techniques have improved manifold and many new drugs are now available which have increased the lifespan of humans in general. One of the recent remarkable inventions in the field of medical science is the capsule for long-term drug delivery.

This miraculous invention by the researchers at MIT is a capsule that stays in stomach for about two weeks and continues to release its contents during its stay inside the body. This has been tested to aid malaria. Though the invention is still in cradle at present, the researchers and inventors have firm belief that it drugs can be designed to cure many other diseases like diabetes, epilepsy, HIV and neuropsychiatric disorders.

The November, 2016 issue of “Science Translational Medicine”, the researchers of MIT described a drug called ivermectin. They believe this drug has the potential to eliminate malaria.


Drugs that are taken orally are active only for a limited period of time. When the taken medicine passes through the body, they are hampered by the harsh environments inside the stomach and intestines.

The new invention of long term capsule solves all the above said problems. Ivermectin kills any mosquito that bites a person who has taken the medicine. In this way, a huge population of people, irrespective of the fact whether they are infected or not, residing in a malaria prone area, can be treated to eradicate malaria.

The research has led to the establishment of a new company, Lyndra. It is a Cambridge based company whose prime motive is to improve the newly developed drug.


In order to achieve long term drug delivery, the researchers had to make sure that the drug is designed in such a way so as to fight the harsh environment inside the stomach and intestines. The capsule is meant to break down after releasing the drug and pass through the digestive tract thereafter.

Thus, a star shaped structure was developed with six arms that are flexible enough to be folded and encapsulated inside a smooth capsule. The arms are made up of a rigid polymer called polycaprolactone. The arms are loaded with drug molecules. The arms are attached by a linker to a rubbery core that is meant to break down eventually after the drug release.

The outer layer of the capsule gets dissolved once it is swallowed, thereby allowing the six arms to unfold. After the expansion of the star, it becomes large enough to resist any force that would otherwise force it down the digestive tract. However, it does not block the digestive tract.


The drug has been tested on pigs and has been successful. It may take long before it is launched into the market. However, once it is launched, it can be easily called as one of the major milestones in the history of medical science.

Friday, 25 November 2016

What Is Cryogenic Preservation

Cryogenic Preservation

Cryopreservation – Process to Protect Body from Decay

Cryopreservation is said to be a process wherein any living cells, tissues organs or the whole body is protected from decay by storing them at tremendously low temperatures. The purpose is to reserve them for unlimited period of time till the rest of science catches up and technology is made available to revive them bringing them back to life and probably cure the condition which had affected them.

Such a type of technology does not seem to exist. As per Cryonics Institute, which is an US organization that tends to provide the service, the main focus is to provide people with another chance of life and prolong the human lifespans.

However, scientists working with cryopreservation are skeptical to work on smaller scales for research purposes. Clinical senior lecturers in reproductive endocrinology at Imperial College London, Dr Channa Jayasena commented in a statement that `it is currently science fiction to suggest that a person could be brought back to life in future even considering technological advances.

 Cryonics has risks for the patients, poses ethical issue for society, and is very expensive though has no proven advantage. If this was a drug, it would never get approved.

Three Main Steps

According to the Cryonics Institute, the process tends to comprise of three main steps when someone has been declared legally dead. At first the body is instantly placed in an ice bath and a ventilation mask is utilised to provide constant oxygen to the organs of the body especially the brain.

 The anticoagulant heparin together with automated CPR is used for blood circulation while the body temperature is monitored in order to make sure of gradual reduction. Then the body is vitrified which means that the cells together with the organs are equipped for ultra-low temperature which they will encounter.

This tends to involve replacement of the fluid in the body with injected cryoprotective agents which act as an antifreeze thereby protecting the body from facing damage of being frozen.The body is now prepared for the cold, a process of controlled cooling starts and this is the concluding step before the long-term storage and slowly further cooling of the body.

Reviving/Cure/Treat – Ailment

The body is then placed in a protective insulating bag and thereafter in a cooling box wherein liquid nitrogen is fed in at a steady pace. This process takes place gradually over many days till the body reaches a temperature of -200 degrees Celsius.

Before or after the second stage, the bodies could be transported to the nearest storage facility to complete the process. When it is ready for storage, the body is placed in a liquid nitrogen vessel which is known as cryostate and these vessels do not have any electricity and hence are not affected by any power outages. Companies tend to offer the choice of cryopreservation with the belief that science, technology as well as medicine would one day be capable of reviving patients and also cure or treat the ailment which had killed them and give them another chance at life.

 The Cryonics Institute is of the belief that it would enable people to `buy time till technology is available and thus heal and restore the human body.