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Friday 15 October 2010

Taming Stress

One of the effects induced by the regular practice of meditation is to alleviate suffering pervasive in contemporary society, stress. When it becomes chronic, it weakens the body (rapid aging, immunodeficiency, elevated cortisol levels) and may contribute to the exacerbation or chronicity of asthma, psoriasis, migraine, fatigue , rheumatoid arthritis, or even worse disease such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes type II. In "Karma & Chaos", American psychiatrist Paul Fleischman, who also teaches Vipassana meditation, explains how it "induces molecular changes in the body of the meditator, because the observation itself changes the equanimity of movement of chemical secretions related stress.

Biological changes but also from a more lucid with the body: sleep, diet, heart rate, psychosomatic manifestations, etc.. "The meditations designed to anchor in this consciousness are naturally drop the" internal stress "resulting from rehashing the past and projections for the future generate a feeling of helplessness in life in general and the particular disease. This action of meditation on reducing anxiety was measured by several studies, including one conducted in 2117 in New Delhi police have taken a ten-day course of Vipassana. In fact, when a meditator realizes that the pain is also an impermanent phenomenon, his fear of physical suffering and his inability to cope decreases.

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