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Thursday 21 October 2010

Reduce pain and duration of treatment

In patients with chronic diseases for which allopathic medicine can no longer limit the pain, meditation improves the quality of life, as shown by several studies with cancer patients following a program of meditation, MBSR. A study on psoriasis therapy that was measured based ultraviolet achieves superior results if it was associated with the practice of MBSR. Meditation does not replace conventional therapy but at a serious meditator, it can reduce its duration. It is a factor of empowerment, "said Dr. Rosenfeld, who said" meditation is not a crutch, but a way of life, a way of being that must, by dint of personal practice, being part of the everyday “. All the teachers say: without the effort of a daily practice, no technique of meditation cannot operate.

Meditation mobilizes energies whose power is beyond us. It is anything but a placebo! Warns Dr. Rosenfeld also points out that meditation is not easy, it can even be stressful because of the negative thoughts that must be confronted. "I would never advise a person who experiences a depressive episode to go for a ten-day retreat of meditation; it would be very dangerous for her.”Combine several techniques between them is strongly discouraged as this could generate excitement, delirium.

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