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Saturday 30 October 2010

The daily journey of healing

If meditation has therapeutic value, it is intrinsically good for individual practice. Thus, despite the therapeutic orientation he gave to his technique of meditation (MBSR), clearly focused on the symptoms presented and to adapt to Western culture earnings and profitability, Jon Kabat-Zinn himself emphasizes that the purpose of meditation goes far beyond healing, and aims to "establish itself in being, and not in the unconscious action, without seeking to achieve goals of self improvement. Be regularly sat in meditation is an act of major health, a new way of being, leaving the full potential of your being expressed. Meditative practice should be the subject of a lifetime. "

If meditation often contributes to healing, it is "well" and should not require it direct improvement of pain states. Meditate for an outcome (happiness, health, release ...) is contrary to the spirit of meditation. According to Dr. Fleischman, "The meditation has therapeutic effects more distinct if one expects nothing from her, but it is practiced as an end in itself, the expression of an aspect of human nature. ... Rather than a way to rise to other spheres of life. It relates to the construction process of the person. “

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