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Wednesday 3 November 2010


Why are you afraid? You know that old adage: "Fear does not avoid danger, but you know it:" Fear destroys you?

Fear destroys the Being who is in you, this spiritual being who only asks to sit in your everyday material to guide you, you "intuit" in order to make each of your actions just an act, an act that is good for you and for others, an act that makes you grow toward greater wisdom.

Fear is the faithful servant of evil-act. Why? Simply because when you're afraid, you're asking the act does not come from you - as the Great Self - but just an emotion that, itself, comes from a misinterpretation.

Why are you afraid?

Because you have been taught to fear, from your early age. Adult fear instead of respect. Fearing the fall instead of ensuring your first step. Fear of failure rather than enhance your potential. Fear of ridicule if you were not the same as the others instead of accepting that everyone has a place. Then you grew up. You have learned to fear your future if you do not shine in school instead of learning to find your way. Then you fear your employer for fear of losing your job, instead of learning to respect you. Fears the disease instead of vaccinating you consolidate your good health. Fears of old age, making sure instead of advancing calmly in life. Feared dead as you race against windmills because it is inevitable.

Maintain fear is a powerful means of control. How to sell vaccines if people were more afraid of being sick? How to sell alarm systems if people were more afraid of being robbed? How to sell insurance if people were more afraid of being injured? How to sell safety vests; reduce speed motor to work harder, etc.... if there was more fear?

Everything is vibration and the fear is an energy that you "shoot" down. You can take a real climb of your life path by cultivating fear, by surrounding yourself readings and lectures that will warn if ... Is not it logical, if you want to create happiness, joy, prosperity, health, Love, Peace, etc.... do you surround that thoughts along these lines? Would you prepare an apple pie by saying: "if I do not put carrots in them? Be consistent: you can only create what you feel deep inside yourself.

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