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Saturday 13 November 2010

Handbook of Emotions

If you put the flies in a large glass jar with a lid, they are so used to this limited world they become convinced that nothing else exists. When the lid is removed, they remain in the jar, except a few adventurers who dare to leave the framework of group awareness. In India the baby elephant is tied to a stake of color using a rope. Once an adult elephant will remain attached to this post by a string of color the same size, then he would be able, if it is attached with a chain to a tree to uproot by pulling the iron links that connect to it! It's in his mind he has created his prison.

A fascinating experiment was conducted with cats, there are twenty years: the kittens were reared in an area where there were only horizontal lines. In this environment they learned not to see some vertical elements so much they banged at the feet of chairs or tables that suddenly introduced into their world. The same experiment was done with kittens raised in a setting of vertical lines. After a while they no longer saw the horizontal elements. This research has shown that the nervous system develops according to our experiences and how we learn to interpret. Our education provides us with beliefs that we endorse and that the nervous system will constantly enhance our sensory perceptions by limiting what we have learned to regard as true. Our world image is no longer at all what it really is but what we choose to believe, based on the programming that we have received ...

It is consciousness that creates the designs and thoughts, emotions and matter. For millennia, medicine and the wisdom of every country in the world yes, but ignorance and pride of the first scientists materialists we imposed a limited model, which so many suffering for all living beings as locks them in a reductionist framework. It's like if we required all adults to wear shoes of size 39 on the pretext that it is the average population size! But, fortunately, in the second half of the twentieth century, a new science has emerged. And Albert Einstein exclaimed: "There is equivalence between mass and energy. We are always and everywhere in the presence of energetic phenomena in the sense that matter is a specific organization of energy. The body does is not something different from thought, or emotion "...

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