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Friday 26 November 2010

Tibetan Recipe Of Happiness

Happiness does not lie with great effort and determination but it is there, close in relaxation and abandonment. Do not worry, there's nothing to do. Everything that arises in the mind has no importance because no reality. Do not attach thee. Do not judge. Allows play to do it alone, rise and fall without changing anything and everything disappears again and again and again. Only the search for happiness prevents us from seeing it. It's like a rainbow that goes, never catch him, because he does not exist, it has always been there and accompanies you every instant. Do not believe in the reality of experiences, good or bad, they are like rainbows in the sky. Wanting the unattainable, it exhausts itself in vain. Therefore this input is released, the space is there, open, hospitable and comfortable. So enjoy it. Everything is yours already. Look no further. Do not go searching the tangled jungle elephant that is quietly at home. Nothing to do, nothing to force, nothing to want, and everything happens automatically.

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