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Wednesday 1 December 2010

Genetics is finally a Modern Science

Everything is genetically determined once and for all and our genes determine our health, that's what we told the old doctrine preformationism which since the seventeenth century, states that all living is already preformed in the germ and in the embryo, and that it is not subject to transformation. Since the speech has hardly changed, unfortunately ... For the truth is otherwise. This is a new science that tells us: epigenetic. It states that genes are expressed or not according to our habits, our lifestyle, our relationship with nature, our food, but also, unfortunately, many pollutants we are exposed. In summary, the epigenetic theory demonstrates the influence of environment on the functioning of genes.

One lived in town, had poor hygiene, poor health and several cancers. The other, living in the countryside, do not develop the genetic disease, however, could be programmed by the same genes. The epigenetic states that can influence gene expression without altering the genome of the individual. For example, some genes can be repressed and no longer will encode disease while others will put in operation and protect us. The former can cause cancer and prevent others. The action is not direct but depends on environmental factors that influence the proteins on which DNA is wound. Thus one can, in animals, change the color of the skin by acting on purely functional factors. This also means, unfortunately, that some chemicals that we did not know carcinogens may become inducing stimulation of genes expected to be inhibited. It is now recognized as bisphenol A, a plastic hardener now known to all, would imply a deregulation of the gene encoding adiponectin, the hormone of satiety that protects us from diabetes.

For epigenetic, nutrition plays a key protective role. One thinks, for example, that vitamins like B9, B12, provided they are natural, or certain foods like broccoli and avocado, make reversible expression of disease genes. Vitamin C blocks the expression of hereditary diseases such as Charcot-Marie-Tooth. So much the worse for those who thought it sufficient to change the picture of our genetic identity card to change our future.

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