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Saturday 4 December 2010

The Therapist is a cook

Philo often cites the Georgia’s of Plato, where the therapist is seen as one who knows how to cook. The therapist Somatose is a cook. Therapists in the first care of the body was "to treat his food." We know from Philo that the food was extremely simple: lots of grains, pure water, salt, a few condiments. In fact it does not give many details, the therapy is not so much food that we eat the way we eat it - how it is prepared. I often think of a friend who, when I asked him: "What do you like? What kind of soup do you like? "Replied" The soup, I love it when it is hot and served with friendship. “When food is prepared by a person who has some affection friendship for us, they will have positive effects while otherwise they can make us sick.

How to prepare foods is part of the therapy. Similarly, how to receive them. It can be vegetarian and carnivore on his plate in his mind, have a salad in the mouth and blood in the head. We can not stop chewing, devouring the neighbor's reputation, while eating peas or salad ...

Question for the Therapists can be summarized in two words: "eat or communicate? "There is a way of eating that is communion. We communicate through things in the world, food, landscape, with the Being who made things be. Everything is seen in its transparency and is a place of communion, of communication with the Being who is being that is. The drop is moving from a state of communion to a state of consumption. We no longer communicate with Being through beings, but beings consume, we consume things, we eat food. It consumes and is consumed, and it consumes the world. A therapist in the kitchen is an important place. As in the Zen tradition is not always the master who is on stage talking, meditate on the sutras. The Master is often in the kitchen.

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