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Monday 20 December 2010

What training a therapist receives?

Their training is primarily training in listening. The therapist is not a "subject supposed to know" but a "subject supposed to listen," and all his training will be to learn to listen.

He will first learn to listen to nature, and why he spent much time alone with her. The Therapist is a loner. They need to know to be alone, because it can enter into relationship with each other, it must be yourself. In the places they lived near Lake Mariot, at 400-500 meters, we could be alone in nature - and at the same time together. The words spoken to Abraham: "Go to yourself, to the land I will show you. "Go to yourself, become what you are - but at the same time I'll go with you, I'm with you. The therapist does not impose his knowledge, let alone his beliefs. So everyone remained alone, accompanied as it is yet to move toward oneself, one needs the eyes of others. We do not see in his own eyes. The therapist will be a mirror-quality sound that can hear - beyond the body of symptoms, psychological malaise - the presence of Being that makes its way through the maze of the unconscious.

The therapist learns to listen in nature; he learns to listen to the wind, the sap, and the logos that stirs the thousand and one things of the world. He learns to listen to nature, before listening to the person who comes to see.

The therapist is also listening to the Scriptures say that the sages and prophets in the sacred texts. In doing so he approaches his own unconscious. By meditating on the Scriptures we develop a quality of listening that helps us better understand our dreams. The book of Scripture and the book of the night, the same book, they are the same images, the same symbols. We must learn this language of images, which is also the most archaic language. The child thinks in images, we dream in pictures, the Bible is a book of pictures. Play Scripture brings us therefore our collective unconscious. To find a person unconscious, he should know all the major archetypes that have structured our unconscious in the West ...

The study of Scripture is resonating with large images that have shaped our past and who are we, in our body, our cells. These images come to visit us every night. The therapist listens to the dreams. And in this work on dreams it is something that is not often today. It is the production of dreams healthy, positive. We have to prepare for sleep, "dreams teachers." The therapist asked not to clutter the mind, develop calmness, and then ask our inner teacher on issues of little wind we shake. He can answer the night through a dream.

In dreams, the same logos, the creative intelligence that speaks in the cosmos, who speaks in Scripture, which speaks to us. Philo is the difference between dreams and dreams. Dreams can be residues of what has been experienced, the ski of a recent or distant past hidden in us. The dream is a message or teaching. Some dreams show us the way, cause our decision, they are therapeutic, and that is to say we serve.

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