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Monday 13 December 2010

An approach through substantial way

We’re in a vision of human beings approached and listened to in its entirety. How to eat, dress is substantial. At the same time, major archetypes, the moments of prayer is also very practical. Here we give the definition of Philo Therapists: "The option of these philosophers is marked immediately by the name they bear: Therapists is their real name. First, because the treatment which they profess is superior to that way in our cities. It does not cure the body, while also caring Therapists psyches prey to these diseases painful and difficult to cure than are the pleasures, sorrows, fears, greed, stupidity, injustice, the infinite diseases that afflict humans. Therapists are called if it is because they have received training in accordance with nature, according to the Scriptures, and listening to be, this being which is better than good.

You will notice that they are philosophers. But for them the philosopher is not someone who is speculating, but someone who is changing. The pseudo-philosophers are those who speak well, who have ideas about things, but are far from what they say. True philosophers are those who check in their lives what they are talking. Being a philosopher is to reduce the gap between my word and my life, between my thoughts and my words between my being and my act. This transparency is a work of every moment. The philosopher seeks wisdom and love, travels toward wisdom is not wise, not a be-come perfect. It comes towards its entirety, to the integration of all its components.

The word philosopher also indicates that the therapy is a way of knowledge, a gnosis. The cause of the disease is basically ignorance, so stupidity is a disease so serious. When I say stupid, I'm not referring to people who have no education because they can be highly-educated and stupid. We all know people who have doctorates; aggregations and their lives are not very smart. And conversely we also know all of those who have much less social and academic references, and have an understanding of everyday life, which have a sense of reality. The word truth aletheiia, literally means "out of the Lethe," out of the lethargy. Waking from sleep, is to enter into the truth means having an attitude of vigilance, attention to what that is.

The therapy is a way of knowledge. We lost the knowledge of reality because this reality we project ever our memory, our past, and we do not see things as they are. The therapist's function is to help the sufferer find the right vision of things to see clearly. When we are sick and unfortunate we do not see the sense of what happens to us. Can suffer, can feel pain, but if we can make sense of this suffering, we suffer less. Through the experiences of the disease, experiences of physical or mental suffering, there may be an inside job is done, and that must be heard and welcomed.

The therapist has in him a certain taste, a certain flavor of Being. Even in the heart of the most difficult situations in the muddiest waters, he discerns the proximity of the source, the freshness of the source. We will see to regain lost the freshness of the heart smart capable of accommodating the presence of being in everything.

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