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Sunday 23 January 2011


Self-realization is a natural and spontaneous process that begins with awareness and the awakening of spiritual energy that you currently residing in the waking state (Kundalini in Sanskrit).

When awakened, this energy rises along your spine, regenerates and nourishes your nervous centers subtle.

Then it manifests as a cool breeze that you can physically feel in your hands and top of head (at the fontanel).

It is this sacred knowledge and secret known by all mystical traditions is symbolized in the 3 illustrations on this page.

You can now perceive concretely the state of your chakras, and thus your whole being, directly on the tips of your fingers!

You must now verify this by your own experience of the Self-Realization. Do not wait any longer to discover your true nature....

For complete details on your chakras and energy channels, start with this pattern of subtle system.

We have 3 channels (3 vertical lines on the diagram) and 7 chakras (7 round numbered on the diagram).

The founder of Sahaja Yoga Shri Mataji has received numerous honors and recognitions for his knowledge on how this system works fine on our being and in many areas.

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