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Sunday 23 January 2011

Our three energy channels regulate our being

Our being organized around three main channels. The left and right channels have biological support for our sympathetic nervous system. They are solicited in this manner:

• The right channel is requested for any physical activity, mental or creative. It is the channel of the action.

• The left channel on the other hand, manages our emotional behavior, emotional and sensitive. It is the channel emotions.

• The central channel which finally has support biological our parasympathetic nervous system manages our so-called autonomous functions (breathing, heartbeat, ...). It is the channel of our spiritual evolution where our Kundalini energy flows.

The Sanskrit word "chakra" means wheel. These energy centers or chakras correspond to our major nerve plexus in the body. These chakras have certain qualities that we can leave to surrender or we can enrich it.

By regular practice of meditation according to the method of Sahaja Yoga, we learn about our chakras, to respect them and improve them. Naturally and spontaneously, they reveal their innate in us. By a simple technique, we can feel ourselves the purity of our subtle system: energy channels and chakras. It is this practical aspect that they develop for us, their courses and introductory workshops near us. It is a "second birth", the starting point of your true potential.

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