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Tuesday 1 February 2011

What is spirituality?

Spirituality is to become aware of our spiritual dimension, seeking to better understand the spirit that resides in us and try to make our inner life in harmony with our daily lives.

That brings us true spirituality?

A true spiritual self-awareness will allow you to:

Meditation • Discover the real meaning of your life, its challenges, the causes of misfortune, happiness, success or failure;

• The more you know to understand the origins of your behaviors such as anger, aggression, jealousy, resentment, greed, anxiety, excessive libido, stress, etc ... and beyond;

• Avoid self-destructive attitudes such as guilt, inferiority complex, superiority, chronic dissatisfaction, and many others ...

• Have the necessary tools to really take charge of your own life and use it wisely and optimally your freedom while respecting the essence of your being;

• Set the micro-conflicts in your family and work situation;

• Avoid the pitfalls of excessive rationality that minimizes the importance of emotions and emotional intelligence;

• Eliminating the dependence on alcohol and drugs;

• Understand the need to preserve certain basic moral values such as modesty, generosity, innocence, ...

"To live and behave according to real
simple and profound spiritual values.
That's what brought me practice
Sahaj meditation daily. "

• Find the reality of a true religion (in its original sense means "link") and know the serenity, pure love, the ultimate goal of your existence.

Few people live a spiritual experience that they have mastered enough to be able to transmit it to others in a balanced manner.

The majority of those we talk about these subjects or limited to theory, or encourage us to practice excessive and even destructive.

Yet, entering the real spiritual dimension is now within reach of all the Self-Realization method of Sahaja Yoga. Do not miss this opportunity to get better, have your self-realization.

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