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Saturday 12 February 2011

The ten bodies

According to the ancient knowledge from yoga, we have all ten colors, minds and bodies. Each of these bodies has eight chakras, three states, five elements, a unique physiology and psychology in connection with all these elements. When you get to know you in that light and get in touch with others with a higher consciousness, you become more authentic, then you have advantage of compassion and therefore you become a better parent and partner.

The courses are based on the principles of Kundalini yoga and rely on listening to center the inner being, movement, relaxation and deep meditation. By developing a greater awareness of body, mind and spirit, you have the chance to discover your chakras and your ten body. According Surjeet Kaur, this wonderful experience will strengthen, balance and make certain aspects of your life more real.

"When you understand that you are made of ten bodies, you are well aware of them and be sure to keep in balance, which is the entire universe is in balance with you." - Yogi Bhajan

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