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Saturday 19 February 2011

Yoga Nidra

The Yoga Nidra is a visualization technique in deep relaxation very similar to the slow light sleep (stage 1 and 2 of NREM sleep).

Hindus defined not two, but four states of consciousness: the first two correspond to the day and sleep, The third phase is the dream which they identified as a specific state of consciousness separate from sleep "calm".

Yoga is the fourth state called "conscious sleep" is the Yoga Nidra which is similar to a medical standpoint stage 1 (and sometimes 2) REM sleep.

In our opinion, this state of consciousness is very similar to what happens during sessions of hypnosis or relaxation therapy, when properly conducted. Note that it would be misleading to consider the Yoga Nidra as a true sleep state (so we read here and there that this is the "Master of Sleep").

However, these relaxation techniques developed over centuries by Tantric masters remain attractive as a means to relax when the stress and the elements somnotoxiques accompanied by hyper-arousal state of cerebral incompatible with sleep.

While we are careful not to proselytize vis-à-vis theories from time immemorial, but based on approximate physiological knowledge, we find it interesting to describe here that this practice can be called "visualization technique in deep relaxation" .
Some people may find a way to soothe their nervous system but we must not lose sight of that in the end, the only conditions for sleep are, above all, have to sleep and lie down comfortably and safe.

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