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Thursday 24 February 2011

The bardo of dreams

In general, we include in the bardo of dreams throughout the period of sleep between sleep and waking (although the periods of deep sleep without dreams are).

When we sleep, the unconscious tendencies that will manifest it through dreams habits and inclinations are generated and strengthened during the waking state.

These trends plunge an ordinary individual in a dreamlike illusion conditioned by previous actions and experiences, the dream is a direct karmic consequence.

The dream world is seen as perfectly real, insofar as we see places and people we knew at one time or another, already experienced circumstances which we aspire, or that we fear, all of which are in makes extrapolations of our lives to the waking state. The dream is experienced as all-in-fact real, objective and stable, although eminently insubstantial and impermanent, lasting sometimes for a brief moment, but where we are in the dream, it never comes to mind that this dream will stop!

As in the waking state, the underlying trends that make us consider our vision of the universe as real as we lead the production of emotions such attachment, aversion, jealousy, etc.. But if our experience of the world is somewhat illusory, let alone most dreams are like the illusion of an illusion!

However, it should mention the existence of certain premonitory dreams can announce future events, or other types of dreams that are reminiscent of previous existences referring to events deep in our past. These dreams usually occur, however illusory the early morning, just before waking.

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