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Tuesday 1 March 2011

When do we dream?

The dream is an expression of mental activity during sleep. When we sleep, our body is regaining strength, the spirit replaces the normal activities of thought and will function by mysterious dreams.

Our dreams are wonderful guides. They help us to know us better, that's why we will help you interpret them to discover their meaning, the meaning behind our dreams.

Dreams occur during sleep and every individual needs a sleep time varies but on average, he spent 25 years of his life sleeping.

Sleep is a known mechanism, governed by cycles and physiological events that we help you to recognize.

Knowing that sleep consists of several cycles of different phases can understand what time of night dreams occur.

- Sleep light corresponds to the three phases of slow wave sleep (SOL)
- Deep sleep is the phase of paradoxical sleep (PS)

These phases follow one another and are repeated throughout the night. In general, it was during the fifth phase, called phase SP that dreams occur. Often, they would start about 90 minutes after sleep onset.

If you wake someone during this phase of sleep, 85% ¨ people remember the dream cons only 10 to 15% if necessary for another period of the night.

It happens that some people dream during light sleep. Less rich in details, these dreams contain fewer elements of movement, fewer and fewer emotional elements of color compared to other dreams.

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