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Tuesday 29 March 2011

The Interpretation of Dreams

The dreams shows the state of mind. But according to some experts, there is a language of dreams linked the analysis of a dream. It cannot be complete or accurate without knowing the past; the life context of it to specific images, such as baby, spider, jewelry, sea, etc. ... in a dream would have specific meanings.

Dreams are sometimes confusing images that follow one another without reporting to us, strange, there are sometimes uncomfortable, are disturbing and even frightening. In antiquity it was believed that dreams were omens, and it was feared they were prescient and do come true.
Towards the 18th century philosophers saw in dreams a language of the unconscious, the spirit expressed highlighting the evils, which agonize suffer their authors.

The dreams seem so be the scene of more or less distant memories and forgotten, unacknowledged wishes and sometimes barred, unease, They are, according to some analysts, which allowed the mind to keep his balance on standby, to get rid of the worries and concerns that the mind could bear constantly.

You will understand that understanding your dreams can help you better know them and therefore to move ahead, get rid of what concerns us deliberately or not, and prevents you from moving ahead. Jung and the philosopher said: "To safeguard the mental constancy and even physiological fitness, it is that consciousness and unconsciousness are integrally linked, to move in tandem." Do not reject your dreams, use them to your advantage to know you and learn to live more peacefully.

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