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Sunday 27 March 2011

The dream analysis

Before Sigmund Freud, it was thought that people come at night and put pictures in our heads as dreams. For Sigmund Freud, the dream is a production that comes from the personal unconscious. The dream is characterized by its strangeness. It often seems absurd; illogical ... it can sometimes leave impressions "weird” for some time after waking.

The subconscious stores memories with the corresponding emotions. When the unconscious wants to leave back a memory, the subconscious, complete with its two barriers of censorship, pushes it if he thinks it may be "hazardous" emotionally for the person.

The unconscious cannot store an infinite memories and emotions to find several parades this censorship:

- the slip

- paraphrases

- dreams

Dreams are memories in disguise. The subconscious is not able to decode his memories disguised by the unconscious. The unconscious disguises the dream so that it is admissible and also for the person to remember.

After reading the dream, the analysis is to make word associations to those that seem important for the patient, then group them by themes and then if possible to find a link between all these themes. It is the dreamer who dreams his analysis. Practitioner helping relationship is only his assistance. Link to dream of flying history of the tribe of Siena which gives room for dreams.

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