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Friday 25 March 2011

Types of Dreams

The dream is a fantastic journey through time and space. There are several types.

- The symbolic dreams. There are objects, statements, figures and actions that have a meaning other than their real meaning.

- The premonitory dreams. They announce events taking place in the future and which often involve a disease, disaster, accident or death. These dreams suggest there is an intervention for which serves as a guide, or who comes to warn of danger.

- The telepathic dreams. They allow us to communicate with other people, whether living or dead. This type of dream can often make contact with a family crossing the boundaries of distance, time and death.

- Dreams of clairvoyance. They reveal something that happens simultaneously, and whose subject cannot know logically. We consider this sequence of images that is the psychic dream as a vision. We can distinguish two types of clairvoyance dream: lucid dreams, and dreams of the dead.

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