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Monday 21 March 2011

Meaning of Dreams

Every one asks one day or the other, what was meant by some strange dreams? Why do some dreams seem prescient, why others leave us, woke up feeling unwell?

Sleep in humans occupies 25% of his life. Outside the physiological recovery it provides, the dream activity that is related is an important guide to get to know intimately. Freud, founder of psychoanalysis, is the first to consider the interpretation of dreams. He discovered that dreams told by his patients led him to understand their symptoms, their history and their fantasies. Thus, dreams realized fantastically unconscious wishes, ignored by the dreamer. The dream, far from being an absurd or magical phenomenon, has a meaning: it is the fulfillment of a wish. This function of the dream tells us so on the unconscious desires of the dreamer. The meaning of dreams, so deserves to be interpreted as the formation of the dream processes are characteristic of all unconscious phenomena. The study of dreams leads to better understanding of the repressions that organize our mental life.

Jung was the disciple and friend of Freud, Jung studied the symbolism of dreams. For Jung, the dream is the best possible expression of the unconscious state of mind at the time. The dream is considered as a symbolic link between the self and the unconscious. Jung has reached a significance of symbols in dreams, based on the collective unconscious but also the phonetics of the words themselves. Thus, we would all be imbued with a collective unconscious, a sort of ancestral database referring to humanity and myths. Symbols of national and guide us in our dreams.

Dreams are a way of communication between the conscious and the unconscious. They sometimes, with their own language, we warn, warn us of a problem to settle with ourselves, we enrich our lives and allow us to better understand ourselves. The dream can be a warning. We must therefore try to analyze it best to overcome the disadvantages and also seize the opportunity given to us during our lives.

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