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Saturday 19 March 2011

The mystery of dreams

Historically, man has asked about his dreams and tried to unravel the mysteries. In a dream reflect aspects of both practical and spiritual in our daily lives: our memories, the facts that we have scored during the day, our hopes, our joys and sorrows, our fears and anxieties. It's all those things that made our dreams. Some believe and others not at all. But there are few cases of Dreams "premonition" that appeared to be well-known personalities (now extinct) for what they did, that make us ask questions.

They say the Duke Montefeltro had dreamed he was trying to watch his right shoulder without success. He lost his right eye during a battle, so yes he could no longer see his right shoulder.

It is said that Napoleon had dreamed (for his brief moment of rest) that a swarm of gigantic bees imprisonment and confinement in a small box. He was taken prisoner on the island of St. Helena.

It seems that Marie Antoinette when she was in jail, saw his face in a dream and that of Louis XVI reflected on the moon. A month later (ie after a lunar cycle), they were both guillotined.

The English newspapers had ever reported an unusual news story. A young girl had seen in a dream a hearse driven by a stranger whose face was so hard that she could not forget. She then went into a store and while she was preparing to board the elevator, she recognized the stranger in the cabin she had seen in a dream. She drew back startled and did not take the elevator. It collapsed killing many. The premonition of this young girl had saved his life.

One can also cite the history of this aristocratic Venetian dreamed that her maid asked him to lend her clothes and jewelry. It became the lover of her husband, and the dream foreshadowed.

In the Bible it says that Joseph, son of Jacob and Rachel, interpreted dreams. The pharaoh of Egypt who had two consecutive dreams-in the first seven fat cows were devoured by seven lean years, in the other seven ripe ears of corn were eaten by seven ears hollow - would that Joseph could interpret. The seven fat cows, Joseph prophesied, correspond to seven years of plenty will be followed by seven lean years (the seven lean years). Wheat heads had the same meaning. Appointed prime minister by the Pharaoh, Joseph prepared food reserves for the seven lean years that succeeded, as he had planned, to seven years of plenty.

But we must not forget that the interpretation of dreams, is not as simple as one might think. This is not because you see money accumulating in abundance in your dreams you will be rich, instead it means you have money problems! It's like, for example, the negative view of excrement in a dream ... it simply means that you are in a period quite positive.

It is important to pay attention to their dreams, they say a lot about ourselves, others and what can happen to us. Just the knowledge of good and bad dreams can make it happen or not ...


  1. sometime dream guide us to achieve something....

  2. is there any way we can manipulate our dream..


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