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Sunday 13 March 2011

Does everyone dream?

Some people remember their dreams, others not. most individuals, the duration of dreams is about 100 minutes per night, with the effects of amnesia, more or less important.

Plus we wake up to a point close to the REM and the higher the probability is great that we remember the dream. If you wake up So during the second part of the night, there will be more likely to remember your dreams when you wake up in the first part, simply because the duration of deep sleep elongates late night when the light sleep tends to disappear at last sleep cycles.

Most people pay little attention to their dreams, but once they begin to show interest, they remember it more regularly.

It is true that it is not always possible to remember a dream because of the time that elapses between the dream and upon awakening.

Generally, if we wake up 20 minutes after the dream, we do not have any more memories. If the alarm occurs 15 minutes later, we remember some bits and 5 minutes later, we remember very well. If we wake up during the dream, then we have no difficulty in restitution.

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