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Tuesday 8 March 2011

Can be master of our dreams? How?

It is difficult to give a precise answer to the usefulness of dreams. The dreams remain something vague and mysterious.

Some authors claim that "dreams are a link between the conscious and the unconscious, between soul and body, between our real desires and repressed, they are a mirror that never lies. But mostly, these are warnings.

Here are some statements by Jeremy Taylor on Dreams:

- All dreams are aimed at improving our health and wellbeing.

- Dreams are not there to teach us what we already know

- Only the dreamer knows with certainty the meaning of his dream.

- No dream has only one meaning.

- All dreams have a common language and universal metaphors and symbols.

- Working with dreams steadily improved our relations with our friends, our spouses, our families, our children and others.

Everyone dreams, but some people do not remember.

The mundane character or emotions of a dream can affect the memory and the existence of interference with other information at the time of the dream.

The inability to remember the dream is related to personality.
We also think that with age, the brain becomes more rigid, dream activity decreases.

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