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Wednesday 13 April 2011

The herbal essential oil

What is more natural than mixing herbal leaves with and essential oils? The synergy of these two products of nature can only strengthen the effectiveness!

You can buy ready-made teas, but for efficiency, it is best to buy plants or herbal pharmacy. Do you prepare your plants or mixtures according to the effect that you want to receive.

A golden rule is, however, observed: Remember to never put essential oil directly into your tea (essential oils are not soluble in water): Prefer to dilute first in a spoon of honey, maple syrup or a sugar cube. Finally, do not put your essential oil when the tea is hot. Let it cool slightly if the properties of the essential oil would be affected.

Here is an example of mixing "plant / essential oil" against depression and better digestion

Throw a pinch of lemon verbena leaves in a cup of hot water
Add a drop of essential oil of basil in a database (honey, maple, etc. ..) and then add the mixture with your tea.

Drink during the day to find serenity and good digestive power!

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