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Wednesday 6 April 2011

How to make macerate daisies essential oils

When I was little I was making necklaces, do not you?

This time it's for any other use that I picked these little white flowers that adorn the fields right now! I read in one of my many books, that the daisy (Bellis perennis) was known for its firming properties extraordinary: It acts on the elasticity of the skin and make it more toned. It is used a lot for the bust and neckline. It is also useful for treating bruises and can be widely used in oil "thinness and firmness." So a multi-purpose oil that will be very useful in your toilet!

This oil, once soaked, will be used as such as massage oil, or as a basic ingredient in your cosmetics house.

For my part, not the daisy smell great, I added some rose petals in my macerate.

Recipe of the macerate of daisies:

Cut the stems of fresh flowers (a handful), for use only buds. Place in a small glass jar, and add some rose petals (fresh or dried). Cover the flowers with a vegetable oil of your choice. I chose the sweet almond oil is a good base oil for Macerata.

Marinate your oil in a warm place - the sun if any, or above a radiator - for 3 weeks. Filter: In the video method of filtering a macerate.

For best results, repeat the process of maceration on another period of 3 weeks, using fresh flowers and oil previously filtered.

Remember to label your bottles with the date of soaking!

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