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Saturday 2 April 2011

The Powder Urucum

Powder urucum protects the skin from the sun!

The urucum, the botanical name Bixa orellana, and also called the "lipstick tree" or "achiote". It is a plant native to the Amazon Indians use for sun protection. And it's not for nothing!

This magic powder colored brick is a real little treasure of the plant world: Extremely rich in trace elements (selenium, magnesium, copper, zinc ..) and especially beta-carotene: It contains about 100 times more than carrots!

You'll understand urcum powder is the natural place to prepare and protect the skin from the sun while accelerating your tan. It is also a very good asset natural antioxidant that will enhance the elasticity of the skin and prevent skin aging. In cosmetics, it will be ideal for your anti-aging creams, and in your preparations to prevent stretch marks. It is also an excellent repellent against insects. In the kitchen, powder to taste saffron Urucum bring a touch of exotic dishes. Finally, the powder can be urcum as a dietary supplement.

Recipe oily macerate annato

1 - In a 100ml bottle, mix 50 ml of vegetable oil, apricot kernel (or another vegetable oil such as cottonseed oil) and 50 ml of macadamia vegetable oil. Add ½ teaspoon of powdered urucum.

2 - Shake well, then close the bottle and let stand one week in the dark by shaking the mixture occasionally.

3 - Strain into a coffee filter or clean cloth, pour your macerate in a frosted glass bottle for better preservation.

You can use this as a base oil macerate in your cosmetic preparations. It will keep for several months, provided they keep away from heat and light.

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