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Saturday 2 April 2011

Essential oils - What does it look like??

Essential oils are liquids. They are oily, but unlike vegetable oils, they are not fat because they evaporate. If you leave a bottle open, you will learn at your expense! Each oil is unique and has its smell and its specific characteristics.
Essential oils are lighter than water and immiscible (they do not mix with water), thereby separating them in Essencia so totally natural. Instead, they mix with alcohol at any body fat as sweet almond oil, vegetable oil etc. ...

What are the major properties of essential oils??

They are extremely anti-infective, antiseptic and antiviral. These are the only alternatives to antibiotics, and they have amply demonstrated their effectiveness in this area. But their skills cover areas much larger: they are pain relievers, wound healing, anti-haemorrhagic, gastrointestinal, regulate immunity, hormones, they infiltrated d├ęstockent fat or strengthen the blood vessels ...

How do you use essential oils??

It can be used in several ways:

In diffuser to scent or disinfect the air in the house, just put 3 drops of essential oil of your choice (lemon to clean the air, eucalyptus for blocked noses, orange flavoring, etc. ...) with water in a cup of an incense burner.

In cooking to give a bucolic little note to your dishes.

As a cleaner, disinfectant and deodorizer for the entire house (floors, toilets, clothes, couches etc. ...), they are perfect for this (depending on the properties of each essential oil).

In body care, hair, skin etc ... For example: Ylang-Ylang for hair, it strengthens them and is "anti-fall".

By relaxing bath, bath or even comforting bath pain, do yourself a favor ...

Treatment for insect bites to burns, for pain, for colds, for sore throats, headaches and many other things ....

Are there dangers with essential oils??

Yes. There are dangers if we do not follow certain rules:

NEVER use pure on the skin (care, massages or baths), to the hair. Always dilute before a teaspoon of honey or vegetable oil (almond, sunflower, olive, etc. ...).
Eg bath, dilute them in a tablespoon of honey and put the mixture into your bath, because the essential oils do not mix with water, thus they will remain on the surface and risk of burns.

For doses is the same, they are concentrated Extreme, so it must make that 3 to 5 drops into a fragrance diffuser.

2-3 drops mixed with a vegetable oil for massage, facials or body.

5 drops mixed with a teaspoon of honey or sweet almond oil bath.

I repeat again, NEVER use pure on the body, because the risk of burns.

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