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Friday 1 April 2011

About Essential oils

Essential oils trigger real passions unprecedented interest in the public and the medical world. It must be said that these plants are concentrated so extraordinarily effective and pleasant to use it would be a shame to deny it.

An essential oil is what?

A fragrant oil derived from plants. This is a super-concentrate plant. Nectar! Extracted by distillation (most plants) or expression (eg by pressing the orange zest), by methods entirely natural.

What is aromatherapy?

The art of healing with essential oils. It is a branch of herbal medicine, which itself includes all the plant extracts more generally, from everything that is not volatile (this gives infusions, powder, liquid extracts ...).

How essential oils do they act?

Multiple ways. They pass into the bloodstream, either via the mouth (he swallows it) or through the skin (they are applied locally, or take a bath) or via the olfactory system (they breathe). From there, they join the diseased organ.

Essential oils can they affect the mind?

Yes. Enormously. Some have no psychological property but others are incredibly effective at overcoming a deadlock, a malaise, a fright. The mode of action is nothing magical essential oils enter the body through breathing or application (on the solar plexus, spine and arch, usually). The active molecules will immediately rise to the brain to help them regulate certain neurotransmitters, that is to say substances which are exchanged between neurons to connect them. Anxiety, stress, lump in throat? Try marjoram or Roman chamomile, you are instantly convinced. And your bottle will not leave you!

Essential oils are they useful against gynecological disorders?

Yes. Some of them help restore hormonal balance, others are antifungal, and others decimated the microbes that cause infections. But in addition, essential oils take care of the local flora, protect and strengthen the mucous membranes, thereby providing arms to heal more quickly on the one hand, learn to fend for themselves in order to avoid recurrence of the other. This is fundamental, especially when we know that some women enslave fungal vaginal almost every month.

Can I use essential oils during pregnancy?

During the first 3 months, no. None. Subsequently, some of them may be used without risk to either the mother or the baby: they are those which contain no toxic molecule. They are useful for getting rid of small ailments and improve the comfort of daily life, especially since most drugs are prohibited during pregnancy. All essential oils containing molecules potentially dangerous are strictly prohibited until the end of the pregnancy and again at the breastfeeding mom. Contrary to popular belief, therefore, all essential oils are not harmful to pregnant women. But as a precaution, the rule is not taking any, in any form whatsoever, for the first 3 months of pregnancy. Thereafter, only an informed medical advice can lead you to aromatherapy for the past two quarters.

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