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Saturday 7 May 2011

Demystifying meditation

Meditation is a way around the chatter of the mind to arrive at deeper levels, to get in touch with inner wisdom.

What is Meditation?
A tool to achieve harmony on the four physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, but above all the epitome of spiritual development when we reached the Oneness with the Universe and left behind all duality.

Meditation is very helpful for all researchers on the spiritual path and for all those committed to a holistic discipline, at the end of raising consciousness.
Find a comfortable place, give yourself time, and take a deep breath, clear your mind and heart of the concerns of your life! Sitting cross-legged just to inspire you in positive light and strength and tap into the highest echelons of the chart as you can.

And inhale through the nose all the lights pure as possible, then exhale, visualizing this time that the air and energy will "filter" will purify your whole being and then when you end you get rid of all these accumulated impurities! Do it until you feel pure and free from pain.

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  1. Meditation is indeed a tool that helps calm me, and it is the only means that I have found real inner peace since the chaos in the beginning of my career.


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