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Sunday 8 May 2011

Yoga for moms and future moms

We hope that all mothers have also these sweet attentions to themselves, as they often have for their offspring.
Yoga offers mothers and pregnant women the opportunity to take a well deserved break, deal with gratitude and love for themselves. It teaches you to relax, get to know, to accept as it is, feel calmer, more confident and therefore to face daily life with greater energy, while suffering less devastating effects of stress.
Often we are caught up in work, family and have an annoying tendency to forget the detriment of our children, spouse and our various obligations. Yet the greatest gift we can be, and thereby make those who are dear to us is all about taking care of you.
Moms of all ages can benefit greatly in the morning or evening for a single break Healing and Yoga exercises by practicing their own home or choose to go in a group center.
A pregnant woman has every reason to practice prenatal yoga through postures that can relieve the discomforts of pregnancy, but also help (through breathing, relaxation and meditation) to discuss the birth with more serenity.
Once baby arrived, Mom continues to practice with him, creating a unique bond through touch, movement and breathing while recovering smoothly shaped.
For 2 ½ years the child fits easily into a meeting with the family, then to 5 years it may only take a yoga class for children until the end of primary school. Adolescents, they can easily carry with you the same type of meeting and postures.
Yoga is a wonderful gift we have made ourselves and that we can discover our children from an early age. While this lifestyle will better equip ourselves with the pace of our frenetic lives.
And of course, blow-the word to your loved ones is a wonderful gift that can also be offered!

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