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Wednesday 18 May 2011

Yoga copes with grief

"Although we were encouraged to believe that we would lose everything if we open the hand, life on many occasions, we prove otherwise. Letting go is indeed the path of true freedom. When the waves throw themselves to storm the shore, the rocks are not damaged. Instead, the erosion model harmonious forms". (The Tibetan Book of life and death,).

Of course everything goes through phases of mourning inevitable, a sort of choke points in the journey toward healing. Each individual is unique it seems difficult to reduce by the reality of everyone's theories on the subject, but I'd rather give you my testimony with cancer and death with what I experienced personally, and how Yoga has been of immense help.

The work of Elisabeth five stages does retain bereavement.
1. Shock, denial: This short period of mourning occurs when learning loss. It is a period where more or less intense emotions seem virtually absent. When he left this short stage of mourning as the reality of the loss settles.
2. Anger: Stage characterized by feelings of anger at the loss. Guilt can be installed in some cases.
3. Haggling: Negotiating Phase made,
4. Depression: more or less long phase of the grieving process that is characterized by great sadness, questioning, distress. In this phase the bereaved sometimes feel they will never complete their mourning because they had a wide range of emotions and sadness is great.
5. Acceptance: The final stage of grief where the mourner takes the best. The actual loss is much more understood and accepted. The bereaved can still live sad, but it has regained its full operation. He also reorganized his life to the loss.
The 5 stages above may be linear but often a mourner can do in return-to-back before moving forward again. A good way to go through mourning is to understand what they saw and share their feelings and emotions with family members or people who are also grieving.
These steps do not necessarily succeed. This is not an inevitable process. Some people can leave grieving and move to the final stage of freedom of action without feeling that they could carry can be considered negligible.

So we ourselves lived through these stages, thanks to the support, the sympathy of many people but we still happens sometimes after 5 years to rejoin the feelings of anger or guilt or suddenly collapse into tears!

Self-knowledge, listening to his body, his emotions, welcoming non-judgmental acceptance, compassion for oneself and others that yoga was taught and helped me develop been a great help, as well as the practice of postures, pranayama, relaxation, meditation and a healthy lifestyle.
Death can teach us that if we choose to live fully despite the hardships, life rewards us by bringing us back gifts that we thought yet be gone forever.
Yoga teaches us to live the present moment, to live our life here and now "because the only time it really belongs to us. Yesterday is past and will not come back tomorrow and we are still unknown. We never know when death can we catch or seize on a loved one.
After a significant event (bereavement, separation, job loss, and serious illness) infinitely more we taste the reality of the moment.
Every sunrise, every flower that points in the spring, met every smile, singing birds, the eyes of a child take us back to fully enjoy the beauty and constantly Instant.
Just as each crisis with tears, every cry, every despair, every muscle tension, each "ball" at the bottom of the groove or pit of the stomach makes us aware that the body, this marvelous machine, it also reacts strongly foolproof or major stress, and if we do not listen to the signs he sends us in our turn we could develop various ailments and diseases.
Asanas help us in general to be more attentive to his body, its limits, to resolve the tensions embedded in ensuring a smooth functioning of our internal organs, endocrine glands in our our entire nervous system.
In the intense moments of our life, yoga helps us specifically to make the choice to stop, take care of you, taking time to
help restore balance in the storm and move slowly toward healing with gratitude, love and gentleness against oneself.
Walking in nature, take a bath, go see a good show, good dinner with a friend, listen to his favorite music, get a massage, playing with a child, following a session of yoga are all activities that comforting prove to be most effective in taking care of yourself, to open up energy and strength within us and guide us toward healing and fulfillment.
I am convinced that Yoga has helped me to unite and re-unite my body, my mind, my emotions and my mind totally dismantled in a storm and sometimes it will remain my preferred tool for personal growth, a lifestyle unmatched for me and my children. It is becoming a privilege for me to teach and pass on to everyone, young and old, its immense benefits.

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