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Thursday 19 May 2011

Yoga, The Seed of Love

Practicing Yoga and Meditation is to deposit the seeds of love in our hands and learn to become gardeners love, love for oneself above all and love for others.

To honor that commitment of love to myself and to you by the practice and teaching of yoga to help you move into your garden, to plant the seeds of your deepest desires, your plans, your intimate desires, to make them germinate, grow, flourish, I strive every day to bring you the best tools I know and I apply for more than 20 years.

You will create, as you wish, your own garden and learn how to cultivate it.  You will also learn to give it the care needed: water for food, love to make it grow, and your presence to show him your attention and listen.

Everyone is free to plant what they want,
  Flowers of joy and smile,
   Vegetable of harmony and sincerity ...
and all the varieties that suit you.

Yoga classes, meditation or intensive retreat will give you the tools to actually do it, so you can re-contact nature of your soul be happy.  Then everyone will reap the fruits of his seed ...

Before creating his garden; clean the ground for planting seeds. This preliminary work is essential. To do this, yoga exercises, relaxation, meditation and practice outdoors also use the senses, your senses, and your best guide on the path of wellness, to create your garden.
Dare to move the little gate leading to your garden, dare you.
Whatever you discover, you can transform it, improve it, and make it beautiful to taste, as desired.

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