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Saturday 21 May 2011

Yoga Retreats and Specialized

There are a wide variety of specialized Yoga retreats in sometimes remote jungles with lush tropical beaches and waterfalls. You will certainly discover new facets of yourself that you never knew even existed. These are perfect moments to get started or give a boost to your yoga practice, not only for the months to follow, but often for the rest of the year. You would, surprisingly, found your optimum vitality, learned to relax, reduce stress levels of everyday life, a personalized yoga and often adapted for a particular purpose. In the morning, you walk on a beach or in the woods or countryside before the yoga class.

The afternoons are usually spent on asanas, exercises or activities to go deeper still in the process of transformation. Those who wish May also during such free time to relax in their rooms or hammocks. The retreats are normally off the beaten path in the mountains, near the beach or the countryside where you have a chance to relax, meditate and enjoy the experience and the real benefits of yoga. Normally in these places there is almost no traffic, no noise, only those birds or water and certainly no television, telephones or shopping malls. In fact, a yoga retreat is the perfect opportunity to get out of our days and rediscover or discover new facets of itself.

Still enchanted Retirement we just live for two days Thousand Islands, in a splendid setting with the beautiful colors of Autumn, I also wanted to share outline of the main benefits that participants have observed:

    * Live intensely in the moment
    * Get a gift and receive a much larger one which will serve a lifetime
    * Shed doubt, concerns, performance
    * Return its Essence and harmony with oneself and nature
    * Rest and relax away from everyday problems
    * Overcome fears and limitations and discover its true strength
    * Be accepted, understood and supported without trial or competition
    * Discover the wonderful tools to apply at home
    * Welcome the transformative power of nature
    * Take stock of himself and his way of life
    * Consolidate its choice to take care of yourself a priority, etc..

      The list could go on but these are, in my opinion, the most striking revelations and touching this weekend.

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