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Sunday 14 August 2011

The fight against disease

Likely effectiveness fight against stress and anxiety. The results of open trials on healthy subjects, yoga has a positive influence levels of anxiety and stress and state of well being. Two clinical trials involving medical students revealed that the practice of yoga can reduce stress and improve well-being of étudiants45, reduce anxiety during exam time and improve results scolaires. Another study of musicians has shown that yoga can reduce anxiety related to musical performance, and anxiety in general, depression.

In people with anxiety and anxiety disorders, a systematic review has shown that yoga can be an effective therapy to combat the disease, despite the lack of good quality studies published.

Likely effectiveness to improve the quality of sleep. Some scientific studies specifically on the effects of yoga on sleep have been published. A preliminary study revealed that the practice of yoga improve sleep quality of subjects with insomnia chronic. Other studies, on the elderly, indicate that the practice of yoga have a positive effect on their quality of sleep, the sleep latency and the total hours of sleep.

Likely effectiveness to improve the quality of life in relation to cancer. Since 2009, numerous publications scientific and a systematic review of the literature scientific have been published. Their objective was to evaluate the effectiveness of yoga in cancer patients or cancer survivors. They conclude that the practice of yoga is well tolerated in this population and that yoga produces many positive effects on sleep quality, mood, levels of anxiety, depression, fatigue, and stress management.

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