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Friday 2 September 2011

Bay rose hip

Rosa is possibly a Sanskrit word which means "flexible", without knowing the flexibility of what exactly it is. What is known is that a few spelling variants near the word is the same in all European languages, which would be an indication of its great antiquity.

"Rose hips" hateful word that never comes or write or speak properly, kunorodon comes from the Greek, which literally means "dog rose", in allusion to its alleged properties to protect against the bites of rabid dogs . The name of the variety Rosa canina (dog rose) also refers to the medicinal use so ancient that no trace found in the materia medica of the last centuries.

Note that the "rose hips" means especially the receptacle containing red fruits (incorrectly called "seeds") of the rose and briar, or the part used in cooking or medicine.

It is also called the plant "hip" because of the hair attached to the seeds - fruit, forgiveness - and that children once used as itching powder. This tradition has also been found among Native Americans who claimed that those who consumed the hairs were afflicted with painful itching later.

"Dog Rose" comes from the Latin aquilentum People, "which has spicy," of acus, "tip, needle." Contrary to what is sometimes said, "wild rose" is not the result but the flower.

In Quebec, it was sometimes called the wild rose as the "c├ębreur" by deformation of the popular English name sweetbrier. However, the Brier sweetbrier would he, a corruption of French "heather", a shrub that this name means, which name, family form, the English were also attributed to the wild rose. Ah! The fluidity of language!

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