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Saturday 28 January 2012


Symptoms of andropause include the human loss of energy, decreased libido or sex drive, depression, weakness or muscle pain, hot flashes, bone fractures due to thinning of the bones (osteoporosis) and sexual dysfunction.

Symptoms of andropause

  •     depression
  •     decrease in sexual desire (low libido)
  •     erectile dysfunction (absence of erection)
  •     fatigue / energy loss
  •     hot flashes
  •     increased deposition of fat around the abdomen
  •     infertility
  •     muscle pain
  •     osteoporosis (bone thinning associated with a risk of fracture)
  •     unrefreshing sleep
Andropause may be diagnosed when there is a low testosterone in the blood, symptoms of testosterone deficiency and improvement of these symptoms while taking treatment for testosterone replacement.

Since there are several possible causes of testosterone deficiency, it is important to determine the exact cause of testosterone deficiency and determine what treatment would be appropriate.

Measurement of testosterone

Testosterone levels can be measured using a simple blood test. However, it is important to measure the rate in the morning, because the amount of testosterone in the blood varies throughout the day. Sometimes, there is a low blood testosterone later in the day because of the natural daily rhythm.

Testosterone can be measured in one of three ways: total testosterone, testosterone "free" or bioavailable testosterone. Unfortunately, each method can give quite different results, which led to some controversy. Any measure total testosterone in the blood sample. However, as we think some of this testosterone is not active due to its binding to certain blood components increases with age, total testosterone gives a skewed result in older men.

The free testosterone and bioavailable testosterone provide a more accurate measurement of the actual amount of active testosterone in the body of an older man. Your family doctor will help you decide if you need a measure of free testosterone or bioavailable testosterone.

Should you take testosterone?

Deciding to take testosterone or not is a personal decision that many men will take as they grow older. Studies conducted over the last ten years of treatment with testosterone has positive results in terms of a sense of well-being of men, improved libido, increased mass and muscle strength, improved bone density and improving sexual function. However, we hope that larger studies and longer will be conducted to better clarify the risks and benefits of testosterone therapy in men with age.

If you think you have symptoms of andropause, ask your doctor to measure your levels of free testosterone or bioavailable in the morning. Each man is unique. It is worthwhile to obtain additional information on andropause and discuss various aspects of treatment with the doctor.

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