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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Cellulite: Myths and Facts

The term "cellulite" is often used by non-specialists to refer to a particular type of fat. However, a detailed microscopic examination of affected areas of "cellulite" reveals no difference in fat cells compared to fat cells found in areas with no cellulite. Therefore, the "cellulite" simply refers to the state or wavy bumpy skin. This state is probably because the skin is attached to the underlying muscle fibers by some solid, through the fat, and fat cells bulge between "attachment". Since the bulge is uneven, it gives an uneven surface to the skin. While the skin may be flabby and pendulous, it remains firmly linked to attachment fibers, leaving hollows.

These fibers that attach the skin to underlying muscles can not be broken by a laser treatment, a massage by vibration or other forms of non-medical treatment. The only way to treat areas of cellulite is to stretch the skin with the traditional plastic surgery techniques, using long incisions such as those used for remodeling the buttocks and thighs.

A patient who is considering a suction lipoplasty should understand that cellulite treatment has the same limitations as other situations where a lack of elasticity is important. However, it is possible to treat dimples and valleys most prominent dividing some of the fiber attachment and injecting a small amount of grease to prevent a new grip. However, this operation is time consuming and can produce varying results.

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