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Friday 23 March 2012


Questions to ask your pharmacist

Be sure to ask the following questions to your pharmacist about your prescription.
What is the name of my medication? Note that prescription drugs have two names: the common name (or generic) and brand name. The manufacturer chooses the brand name of its product for marketing. The label on your medicine still carries the generic name, and mostly the brand name also.
What will the effect of this drug in my case? Some drugs take control the symptoms while others are given as a cure of a disease (such as antibiotics). Learn about the mode of action of your medication.
When the drug begin there to act, and how can I say it does effect?
How should my medicine be used? The answer to this question should include information on when to hold, the number of daily doses and precautions related to the ingestion of food or liquid.
What should I do if I forget to take my medicine?
How long the drug should it take? Knowing how long you should take your medicine, you can plan the changes to your lifestyle, if necessary.
What are the possible side effects of my medication, and what are the steps to take if I noticed any side effects?
Is what I should avoid foods, activities, drugs, supplements and herbal remedies while I use this medicine? For example, certain medications can affect driving or practice of physical exercises.
Does this medication may be taken safely during pregnancy, breastfeeding or during the period before a pregnancy?

If you begin taking a new medication, you might want to print this page and bring it to the pharmacy.


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