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Friday 6 April 2012


What should your target cholesterol levels?

Your cholesterol target depends on your risk of heart disease. Your doctor will calculate this risk based on your age, your gender, your cholesterol levels and your overall health. You can also determine your own risk of heart disease with our calculator target cholesterol levels and heart disease risk. Regardless of your level of risk of heart disease, the goal is to reduce your LDL ("bad" cholesterol) at least 50%. Your doctor can determine the target values
​​that are appropriate for you.

To learn more about cholesterol targets and values
​​that you should aim, see setting goals. The target cholesterol levels are an important way to verify the effectiveness of your treatment. Ask your doctor what you can expect from your treatment against cholesterol and how to know if it works.


  1. India: Sadly, the capital of heart disease in World!

  2. with growing hectic lifestyle and junk food percolating every nook and corner of our livess...its important to be vigilant.


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