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Tuesday 27 August 2013

Feel the difference with Tulsi

We fail to recognize the many remedial values we are blessed with in nature and the right use of it can save us from the various ailments we are afflicted with, during our life. We could make use of them and be responsible in preventing and saving ourselves from the sickness that we may come across in life. Tulsi for instance has immense medicinal value for most of the ailments we endure in our everyday life and is God’s gift to us. The Tulsi plant exhales Ozone, the molecules of which contain three atom of oxygen in place of atmospheric oxygen which has two atoms in each molecule. The tulsi plant emanates a special vapor that purifies the air, due to the presence of the oily fragrance which evaporates and mingles in the atmosphere eliminating the bacteria and other disease causing germs Tulsi contains around twenty seven minerals which are extensively used for medicine in Ayurvedic and Homeopathic and for the treatment of Tuberculosis, Asthma, leprosy and much more. It is also helps in purifying the blood as well as improves our digestive system.

 Things placed near the plant or within the aroma of a Tulsi plant, will not deteriorate or get spoiled quickly. During solar and lunar eclipses, foods and drinks can be stored by placing tulsi leaves in them. This is due to the bactericidal properties and electrical energy of the leaves which protects the stored stuff from the adverse effect of the eclipsed luminaries’ rays. It is said that if tulsi plant is placed near a dead body, it slows down the decaying process. Besides this, the tulsi plant also has salutary effects on our thoughts and the inclinations of our minds as well. Its aroma helps in generating positive thoughts promoting sanctity, purity and spiritual progress besides curing physical ailments. Mosquitoes as well as snakes are repelled and keep away from tulsi plants and its surroundings. Having a tulsi plant in the vicinity of your dwelling place, keeps the surrounding free from poisonous insects, keeping the atmosphere pure with good supply of oxygen, with the occupants enjoying an atmosphere free from pollution. So make the most of its use and benefit from the same for a healthy living.

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