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Wednesday 21 August 2013

Benefit from Cucumbers

Cucumbers are noted for its cooling effect and are found to be refreshing on a hot summer day. Moreover placing a slice of cucumber on the eyes gives immense relief from tireness as well as relieve from puffiness. This is due to the photochemical present in cucumbers which tightens the collagen in the skin and helps to reduce the puffiness. Rubbing cucumbers to any cellulite spot or wrinkles lessens the visibility of the same. Besides these remedies, one can chew on cucumber before going to bed, to avoid headaches due to a hectic schedule or prevent a hangover since cucumbers are known to be high in B vitamins, electrolytes and sugar and they compensate for the nutrients that can help in eliminating a headache.

Cucumber also helps in controlling bad breath or Halitosis. A slice of cucumber place on the roof of the mouth and held by the tongue for thirty seconds can kill the bacteria which causes bad breath It is also helpful in treating high blood pressure and lowering cholesterol. People suffering from high blood pressure should include cucumbers in their daily consumption and take advantage of them in improvements of their health. The seeds of cucumber are diuretic and helpful as a constipation remedy. Steaming your face over a hot boiling pot with cucumber helps in rejuvenating the skin giving it a radiant and a healthy look due to the chemicals present in it which mixes with the steam giving it the end results of a glowing skin.

 Pen and crayon marks on walls can be erased with the help of unpeeled cucumbers and gives it a unstained look. Squeaky hinges can be turned off by rubbing cucumber on the hinges thus eliminating the squeaky sound. Cucumbers can also be used as pest controls to ward off insects. Cucumber slices can be placed in a box and left in any area of home or garden to drive insects away. The chemical present in cucumber leaves them uncomfortable and drives the insect away from that area.

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