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Wednesday 14 August 2013

Health and Lifestyle

In order to enjoy a healthy life one should pay heed to one’s health and take note of the consumptions and intake, not forgetting to exercise on a daily basis to keep the body fit and healthy, Food provides the much needed energy for the daily function and activities we perform in our everyday life when we are awake in the various movements or even when we are asleep, to maintain the metabolism, heart, breathing function and the overall body temperature. Protein contents provides the nutrients needed for muscles, nail, skin, hair and organs and is helpful in building the body’s defenses.

 Minerals too are needed to support metabolism growth, function of nerves and muscles, and blood formation in the body, while vitamins helps in the various processes in our bodies like the production of blood cells, hormones, enzymes besides skin, nerves, skin and our immune system. Antioxidants helps to fight the harmful effect of substances best known as free radicals which are compounds formed during our body’s normal metabolic function and through the wear and tear on body cells. They are the chemicals that are naturally formed in our foods. Dietary fiber or carbohydrates are present in plants, cereals, vegetables, fruits, lentils, grains, nuts and dried peas. The benefits of fiber are good for cardiovascular health, to control diabetes and blood sugar, for prevention of cancer, for weight loss, and for the overall health of the body.

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