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Sunday 28 July 2013

Acidity and Cure

Due to pressure of work and the hectic schedules of life, we tend to disregard health issues propping up in our lives. Very often our eating habits are affected due to this uneven intake of food, which takes its toll on our health. Acidity is one such ailment due to irregular and improper eating habits causing discomfort which can affect the health of a person. The food consumed by us gets digested due to the naturally produced acid which helps in the digestion process. When the so called naturally produced acid tends to increase in the stomach, due to some glands in the stomach, the person suffers acidity. Some of the symptoms of acidity are heartburn, chest pain or irritation in the esophagus. People suffering from acidity, need to change their eating habits making sure that they maintain regular and timely eating habits.

 They could start by consuming raw food which is rich in health improving enzymes which gets destroyed when it is cooked. In order to retain its nutrients and enzymes it is better to consume raw food and benefit from them. Intake of Vitamin D helps in increasing antimicrobial peptides which are very helpful in curing infection in the throat and the digestive system. Vitamin D is naturally available with exposure to the sun and in fish, cod liver oil, mushrooms and eggs, Banana is also helpful for acidity patients, which has a high content of potassium and a sure remedy to lower acidity level and stomach ulcers. Cabbage is also known to soothe the stomach lining and mucous membranes when they are irritated. The fresh cabbage juice can be used for treating ulcers which stimulated the flow of the blood within the stomach and strengthens it. These information could prove to be of great help to individuals and save them from indulging in expensive treatments which may take its own time and course for desired results.


  1. Here some Acid Reflux food to eat and Acid Reflux food to avoid...

    Complex Carbohydrates
    Eat grains and breads that consist of low fat and high complex carbohydrates. Try to escape heavily processed breads those are low in nutrition and high in fat. Doctors recommend eating small meals multiple time in a day instead of having large or heavy meals once or twice since a heavy meal requires extra stomach acids. Make definite you eat ample of rice, breads and pasta.

    Avoid synthesized vegetables and fruits or foods that ought to have high citric acid content. Doctors recommend eating bananas, apples and other fresh fruit. Bananas are natural antacids. Apples consist of complex carbohydrates, and examiners say that they contain some chemicals which help in the buildup of the sphincter muscle which causes acid reflux. One more useful tip is to take two tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with warm water daily, this solution will prevent acid buildup.

    Dairy Products
    Cheese, milk, curd, and other dairy products are high in calcium content, a natural obstacle of stomach acid. Doctors suggest that you should pick skimmed or other low-calorie dairy products because foodstuff that contains high fat content will persist in your abdomen for a longer period than that of low-fat foods. One should also stop having fast food chains, as many of the food products consist of high fat content.

  2. Must read for foodies like me.

  3. Acidity is very common in our fast paced life these days. A useful informative post.


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