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Saturday 21 September 2013

Dandruff Solutions

Dandruff problem is very common among individuals and is a kind of skin ailment on the scalp due to the presence of bacteria and fungus which can tend to get infectious. When the dry flakes present on the scalp increases, it can also cause a lot of irritation to the individual and cause them plenty of discomfort. Dandruff can be controlled by individuals by keeping check on hair care and practicing proper hygiene from time to time. With plenty of natural and homemade solutions available, one can take the opportunity of having a healthy hair growth which can be free from dandruff and other hair problems. Homemade solution being natural does not have any side effects, which are easy and affordable bringing about the desired results in the treatment carried out. Some of the solutions listed can be tried for effective results if one has been facing dandruff problem. Some of the solutions are available on the kitchen shelf in the form of fenugreek seeds, and this herb is known to prevent the progress of any fungus while simultaneously also helps to soothe the scalp and stop dandruff growth. Fenugreek seeds can be soaked overnight in water and ground to a paste in the morning and applied to the scalp to be left for a few hours. The hair can then be washed with a mild shampoo and for those with serious dandruff problem this process can be followed twice a week for desired result.

Another option is the Aloe Vera which has the ability to heal and combat against fungal growth and bacteria which is also known as one of the most effective remedy in dandruff problem. The juice of aloe vera freshly extracted or even the gel of the plant can be applied to the scalp and left for some time, to be washed later on with a mild shampoo. The acids present in lemon are another remedy to solve dandruff wherein the fresh juice of the lemon when squeezed and diluted with coconut oil can be massaged into the scalp. This can be left for a few hours and then rinsed with shampoo and a conditioner. This treatment can be carried out till the dandruff problem is completely solved.

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